Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our newest "feeling"...

A couple days before the shower I had a dream about the baby. That's the 3rd one, that I can remember, and it proved very insightful (or what we'll refer to as insightful until we SEE otherwise).

The first baby dream I had was where the baby was there, but sex was never revealed. The second dream told that our little one is a girl. Man, was she our child in that dream. Dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, big ol' smile....she was definitely the fruit of our loins. This most recent dream included some mean girl who, apparently, saw our last ultrasound and told us the sex to be.... well, mean. She, you guessed it, said "girl!"

So, dreams are just for fun and as much as someone can go off on a Freudian tangent about dreams, we don't go that way. But, when coupled with other things, our gut seems to stick with one answer. At first that answer was BOY BOY BOY! That's the only thing we could have in our heads; 'girl' was just not natural to us. Well, this past weekend, the general consensus was 'girl' and Gabby called it. To me, that's as good as an ultrasound tech's declaration! We called both her kids. We knew it was a boy the first time. The second time, we both said girl at first and then, almost simultaneously, said that we needed to change that estimate to boy. We were right!

We are so happy we didn't find out the sex. It's so much more fun this way, plus, those things are never 100%. Whenever we say we're not finding out, people (almost always) say "Good for you!!!!" It's just more exciting this way!

:::::off to consult Miss Cleo:::::::

Baby Shower Success!!!

Our baby shower in CA this past weekend was so much fun! I do have to say, it was NOT fun to have to deal with the swelling from the plane! Today, I woke up, after getting back home last night, and was so thankful to have everything back to normal. I must declare that I will never fly while pregnant again.

Anywho, the shower was so much fun. It was so nice to see people we, literally, hadn't seen in years. There was such a good turnout as well. Some people weren't able to make it, but if they had it would have been an insane amount of people! All in all, we are so happy that so many came out to celebrate with us. Thanks to everyone who made the trip, we appreciate it so much!! All the gifts you got us are going to good use!

I have to say big-fat-THANK-YOU to my mom for throwing us a great shower. There was great food, uber cute decorations, and a mountain of presents/diapers to mail back to us. Thanks, again, for going above and beyond, madre!!

Gary and I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked but we were too busy mingling and never knowing where our camera was :) Here are some of the shots we do have:

Here are the Uncles- and Grandparents-to-be!!
(Can't believe how big my ta-tas are getting!)

Our BEAUTIFUL cake my mom's neighbor,
Ellen, made. Thank you, it was both gorgeous
and tasty!

Our baby will be so incredibly well-rounded
because of the guys in this picture. They'd all
be the Godfathers, if possible, but Kevin (on the far left)
is the lucky one we chose! Gary is going to be such
an incredible father. His face lights up when
anything about baby is mentioned!!! XOXO

This is a small sample of our little one's fan
club! Thank you all for coming! It would have
been one huge pic had everyone been in it!

It's official...Gabby is our Godmother!! We asked her at the shower (THANK YOU for saying 'yes'!) and are so happy with our decision. You're a great mom, Gabby!!! I just wish we got a pic together before you left. Oh well, we'll see you again in August!!!

Millie, thank you SO MUCH for making the drive out here. We are in awe of the fact that you went through all that time and effort for us. You are one amazing cousin!!! We want you to know that just because we share texts or phone calls that are few and far between doesn't mean we don't love you so much or ever stop thinking about you!

Aunt Mary & Aunt Julie, the boundless support you give us never goes unnoticed...EVER! Aunt Mary, GOOD FOR YOU for losing 100 lbs., we are so proud of you!! My mom was so happy to get to know the 2 of you, she thinks you're sweet as pie :)

David, thanks a million for the pack n play. It's going to be priceless while we're still in our 2-story house! We will make such good use of it!

The Lux Bunch, you are some incredible neighbors!!!!! I think you covered every aspect of a baby's life! I can't believe you put so much thought and effort into getting us everything you thought a baby would need! THANK YOU

Uncle Joe & Aunt Jean, it means so much to us that you guys came out to celebrate our baby! My mom kept saying how excited you guys were and that touches us so much!! Jean, you gave my brothers, as well as us, infinite laughs with your unintentional (I think ;)... )jokes about 'throwing balls' while playing that horseshoe-esque throwing game!!!

Alora, we cannot believe that you drove all the way from Corona when you were only able to stay for 20 minutes. That just goes so above and beyond. Also, thanks a bunch for clearing out the baby aisles for our gifts!!!! And, you're right, whenever you see us it'll be like nothing changed!!

Oh, and fun factoid from the shower.....thanks to Colin's final count, we received 514 diapers!!!!!!!
That'll last about a week, right ;)

I want to thank everyone individually, but the blog would go on far too long! Special thanks to every single person who came out; lacking a specific mention does not mean you are not just as much appreciated! We are well aware that we have incredible friends and family. You all are nothing short of amazing. Next step....BABY ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! Thank you again!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I know the post preceding this one was on a more serious note, but I have to add this:

If I took all the time I spent in the bathroom and put it to good use, there's a chance I could rule the world.


No, don't worry, it's not for me. My friend Ashley (in CA) had her baby 6 weeks early, at 10:31 Thursday night. She had the baby in the Victorville area, but her daughter was transferred to Fontana's NICU. I just wanted to ask for some prayers and/or well-wishes sent her way because she's really nervous. Gabby called me as soon as she saw what happened (on MySpace) and, although, 6 weeks is definitely feasible for the baby to be fine I can see how she'd be so nervous. I know they can do things like steroid shots to help with the development of the lungs, etc., but that wouldn't put us much at ease if our baby decides to arrives early. Please just keep Ashley and her family in your prayers.

Thanks a bunch!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Gary and I are seriously salivating over the idea of having In-N-Out this weekend!! BTW, madre, Gary says we're going there every day!!! Ya know what, let's cut out the middle man. We're going to put a tent in checked baggage and camp out in their parking lot!! They're open from 10am-2am, if memory serves. I think our odds of not being kicked out are pretty good...

We're so looking forward to seeing everyone and being the highlight of a big event for us!! ;) Can't wait for everyone to fawn over the fabulousness that is my pregnant belly!!
Another thing I love: It's so hysterical how people look at us. People look at me almost as if I have a halo and wings, apparently I'm angelic in my pregnant state; people look at Gary with that devilish grin, as if to say "Way to go, Stud!" Gotta love that double standard! ;)

Anyway, we are super excited to see everyone this weekend. We want to thank you all in advance for coming to the shower. We can't believe how lucky we are to have so many people who want to share in the joy that is our first little one!

Off to work out. The way our little love bounces around in there is like s/he's got a techno beat! We'll have to see if that keeps up after an hour of yoga!

See you all soon!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yesterday was AMAZING!

Well, as you probably read, we had an awesome prenatal appointment yesterday, but the afternoon was even better. We were laying in bed and I was telling Gary of all the places I was feeling pressure, and then I'd get a little thump. Before, the thumps/nudges would happen so quickly that I wasn't able to make a connection between how I was feeling and when/where the thump would appear. Yesterday, I could!! So, as we laid there, and I was telling him which areas to watch, we sat there and watched my belly move. It was so amazing!! Our little one is becoming quite strong!

Then, it gets better....Gary showed me how to feel the baby, like he did in the doctor's office, and IT WORKED!! :) We were never 100% sure about finding baby's head, but I FELT OUR BABY'S BACK. It was insane. We were like 2 kids in a candy store! We'd be: ::::giggle giggle giggle::: "Do it again!! :::giggle giggle giggle::: "did you see that?!?!?" Just so amazing!!

:::::off to watch belly:::::

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Big, Puffy Heart for our Doctor!

Today, we had a prenatal appointment that just made us fall in love with Dr. Johnston even more. Not only does she answer every single question we have without ever making us feel as if we are frustrating her, she is very much a real person. She doesn't have insane expectations, doesn't maintain a hard line between doctor and patient, and is about as nice as they come. She is such a sweet lady. We really lucked out with her as our doctor for our first little baby (and the rest, if we are able!).

So, getting to the good stuff...One of the many questions we asked was about the baby having a breech presentation as of the last ultrasound. We weren't sure if we'd be getting a 3rd ultrasound before actually going into labor, so we asked how it would be checked if baby is in the correct position for birth, prior to labor. So she started checking my abdomen, after finding the heartbeat (147...must have been excited today!!), and found that the baby had turned and had his/her head facing down, toward my back and his little booty was up near the top of my uterus, which is now about 2 inches above my belly button. It was so exciting because now I actually know what I am getting those little nudges from. I'm not to the point where I can figure out where/how our little one is positioned on my own, but now I know that those little pokes I'm getting at the bottom of my belly are our babe's teeny hands!!! Who doesn't love that???

Anywho, Gary asked how she was able to tell and she showed him how to feel for the baby's positioning. She told him to put his right hand into a 'C', where he proceeded to feel for where the baby's head was, and put his left hand higher up on my belly and felt the babe's booty!!!!! The look on his face was so great! He said they were moving the baby a little bit!!!Later tonight, he's going to show me how to feel since I wasn't really in the position to be feeling around.

When mentioning our little one's heartbeat earlier, I said s/he must have been excited because the first couple appointments the heartbeat was measured in the 160s. Ever since then, heartbeat has been measured in the 130s-140s. Dr. Johnston said that when it was 160 BPM (beats per minute) the baby hit an excited moment, but 130s- low 140s is where the heartbeat is most stable. Hellloooo, Old Wive's Tales!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's been a big weekend!!

Saturday we headed to Walmart to pick up the materials to paint our little one's room. Gary spent a few hours painting while I stained the shelves we had in there. The room looks so great, Gary did a really great job!! Here are some of the before pics:

Gary worked about 4.5 hours, from the beginning prep to the end product, and it turned out even better than I had imagined. Somehow, the paint makes the room look so much bigger...maybe that's just my excitement that we painted that room because we're having a baby in just a few months! Insanity!!! We did move the desk we had in there to our room to make room for baby's things and it worked out really well. Here is the finished product:

We just cannot wait to get all our little one's furniture in there so it'll feel that much more real! Sometimes we'll just stare at this room in awe of what will be in there before we know it.

Today is extra awesome because Gary took me on a surprise date today. We got up around 8am and once he let the dogs out he came back and said for me to get dressed, that we're going somewhere. So, we went out to lunch and then decided, since we were in the area, to check out a few stores I've never been in to see if they had the perfect dress for our upcoming baby shower. Turns out they didn't have anything and Gary suggested we head over to Nashville, so we did and it proved a great idea! We found the perfect dress!! It's so pretty, it was the first dress I tried on and it was just exactly what I was looking for. I am so excited!!!! It's really becoming more real as time goes on. I can't believe we bought a dress for our BABY SHOWER! We are just beyond excited that our little one is coming. We cannot wait, although we will, baby!, to meet our little gift!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's Happening!!

I am officially starting work on the nursery today!
Before some of the fam came out for graduation, Gary and I started purging what will be the nursery. We got rid of stuff, put some stuff in our shed, and rearranged things so that we can make some sort of headway for our little one's room. Today, I will be getting rid of what we will not be keeping in this room when our baby arrives. Unfortunately, we have to keep the elliptical in here, so the TV MUST stay as well, because we don't really have another place it'll "fit". Lord knows I need my elliptical for the remainder of this pregnancy, and the TV is the only way I'll make it through. I get so bored! And, it's way too hot to do that craziness outside.
Anyways, I'm going to get rid of everything we won't be keeping in here, spackling the holes from what once covered our walls, cleaning, and making a list of what we need to make this room what we want it. Gary has a 4-day (DONSA) this weekend and I'm hoping we'll be able to get the paint done. I also plan on staining the shelves we have in here so that they'll match the baby furniture we'll be getting in not too long. This is so exciting!!! By the end of this weekend we should have a room ready to be molded by all the things we'll be getting at the shower!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Babies Grow in Bellies

HAD to go grocery shopping today, to avoid having to make a meal out of the heel of a loaf of bread, V8, and mashed potato flakes, and the cashier decided to impart some wisdom upon me. Apparently, I will be delivering a BIG BOY. Now, I know this cashier loves me (a while ago when I went in I swear she complimented me every way from Sunday), and wasn't trying to be rude, but saying my belly is big when I still have just under 18 weeks left to bake isn't a girl's favorite thing to hear. Good thing is she said I have a "big baby", not the less tactful people who approach pregnancy with "YOU ARE so big..." UGH---I think any pregnant woman told that gets a free pass to deliver a throat punch.
Anyways, yes, my belly is indeed growing. From what I understand, that is where the child lives until they have risen completely. Of course, that could be just another Old Wive's Tale I suppose;)

Gary has told me different remarks coworkers have had about pregnant soldiers and such. What I don't understand is, although some women do get rather huge, when it's just the belly, where are they expecting it to go? Babies grow. That's the whole idea to this 9-month-deal. Anywho, luckily I am aware that it is not the rest of me that looks big. OK, even if I am baking a large baby (which, FYI, no untrained eye can tell that yet), MY HUSBAND IS 6'3"!! Do they think a big guy produces little babies? Another area of pregnancy math that is taking a huge hit.

My Husband

Today, Gary had to go to a range and will be gone all day. He usually comes home after PT, for lunch, and (obviously) around 5 or 6 after work. But, because of the range, this morning he kissed me and let me know he was leaving, and I won't see him again until 5 or 6.
Since we are also unable to text, we usually do about 234897 X a day, today has kind of reminded me about deployment. With the baby coming and all the milestones that have accompanied that, it has been a distraction (for lack of a better word) from the fact that he will, again, deploy:(
Anyone who truly knows us knows how difficult it is on us to be apart. We just can't stand it. We spend hundreds of dollars on phone cards, gift boxes, and anything else I can send him to know my heart and thoughts never leave him for one second. He's my world.
It may seem a bit odd to "stretch" from not being able to talk for 12 hours to being deployed, but, if you think about it, it's not that different. We are acutely aware of how precious time is. We're not perfect, we don't always make every single second count. We're human. But, we do know that our time together is precious. We have had unfortunate things happen to good people over in the "sandbox" and we thank God every.single.day. for the fact that we are able to physically reunite after 13-14 months.
With what today has made me think of, I thank God and count every single blessing we have that for the past 7 years we've done nothing but fall more in love. He is nothing short of amazing. Sometimes I look at him and wonder how I got so lucky, but I know luck has nothing to do with it.
Being pregnant is just the most incredible feeling in the world, there's nothing like it. But, just as incredible as it is to feel our child, that we created, that we love, swimming and bouncing inside me, it is just as incredible to know that I get to carry Gary's baby. To me, it's an honor to carry a baby that will add, and does add, to the amazing love we already have in this house. It's an honor to carry the baby of someone I admire. Gary and this baby have all my love. They are my world.
Thankfully, it is not time for deployment yet. Thankfully, I will see him in a few short hours, but, the point is, I will count just how lucky I am to have him come home, make dinner for him, and just be with him. Time isn't a given, it's a privilege. One we don't intend to waste.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Joys of Pregnancy

I never thought that every time I sneezed I'd be reaching for toilet paper rather than kleenex.

Thankfully, neither one are 100% necessary at this stage ;)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby L's Nursery

Gary and I have been mulling over ideas for our little one's nursery, especially since we only have 2 bedrooms. Our "spare" room has our elliptical, TV- so I can stay on the elliptical the entire time, and our desk. I felt a little anxiety this morning over the fact that the nursery can't be exactly what we'd hoped, especially since we'll be moving when the baby is about 3-4 months old. That's OK though. Babies have been born for centuries without painted walls, wall hangings displaying baby's name, and without rooms dedicated, solely, to the new arrival.
I just realized that the whole notion of a nursery may be more for the parents than the actual child. Gary and I have recently talked about how easy it is to become stressed when you have to wait for time to pass to accomplish certain things. Accomplishments make the actuality of having to wait for your baby to bake much more bearable.
That said, we seem to have a preliminary set of ideas as to what our baby's room will entail. We will be (or, Gary will be) painting the baby's room before we head back for the shower and we will be doing some purging/rearranging of things to make baby's room ideal. Although, I understand a baby won't realize if their crib is in the center of the living room, or in a 4-walled shrine in their honor, I would still like to have something special, it just makes things easier, mentally, to realize that it's not 100% necessary.
And, an incredibly loud shout-out to my parents. They are, graciously, generously and all other applicable complimentary adjectives, buying our crib, changing table, dresser, and rocking chair for us!!!!! What kind of incredible grandparents are they?!?!? This not only takes a load off our chests, but is such an amazing gesture by any standards. Plus, it must be said that the furniture is simply gorgeous. It's all in a cherry finish and EXACTLY what we want. THANK YOU, MOM AND DAD. WE LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE EVERYTHING!!! ( don't hate us when you're sending back a box or two following the shower ;) )

Math Fail

Pregnancy is measured in weeks. However, I don't think this is relevant because simple division applies to so many other aspects of life.
Gary and I have come to understand that division, that comes paired with pregnancy, is a daunting task for many. Whether one has had direct experience with pregnancy or not is beside the point. Case at hand: Gary's coworker asked him how far along I was. Gary's reply of "21 weeks" (at the time) was met with a blank stare, of course, followed by "How many months is that?" I could not help but to giggle at the exchange and make a note to teach our child how the wonder of numbers spread throughout all aspects of life. Gary lost all hope in humanity that day.

Pass this tidbit around...

Why do people think they need to look at a pregnant woman in a "stealthy" fashion, and WHY do they think they succeed in doing it "stealthily"??
One of the things I've noticed is that people look at my pregnant belly almost as if it's a time-bomb, look too long and it'll explode! Maybe they are in awe that it is indeed summer and I am just fine being pregnant during these months, or maybe they love the thrill of the cat-n-mouse game? Whatever it is, I wish you would all pass along that this pregnant woman does not mind if people check out the bump. In fact, I enjoy it. I love that along with my adorable maternity clothes, the pre-pregnancy clothes that still fit, and my obvious satisfaction with being a child-bearer, I love that I can accessorize with a baby Gary and I love so much. I have the answer....pregnancy seems to be stereotyped as the 40 weeks a woman becomes a sweaty, hormonal, huge, beast of an individual. These are things that do not apply to me in any way. So, it's OK, acceptable, and maybe even encouraged to LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE BUMP.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

So, they say that fetus' sleep 10-14 hours a day...I say horse hockey!!
Gary and I are watching the remake of Yours, Mine, & Ours (not a must-see) before we head off to Best Buy to see if they can fix our burned-out motor on the driver's side door for the keyless entry, and our little love bug decided to show his/her boxing skills. I got more than a few little jabs from our little one's teeny fists (if I hadn't said this before, as of our last ultrasound baby is breech). A couple of which Gary was able to feel! The smile that came from his face looked as if he had slept with a hanger in his mouth!! Perhaps our little one is telling us a name choice...Rocky or Rockina ;)
Before I head off, I'd like to discuss the possibility that my veins have hand sanitizer/soap running through them! I'm pretty sure our beautiful little one has positioned him/herself right atop my bladder ;)
It also must be said that pregnancy is the most beautiful thing I could ever imagine going through. I do spend much time in the bathroom, but I could never imagine ever feeling that something like that is an annoyance. I love that Gary stares at me and just has this huge grin on his face, I love that I feel life inside me, I love that Hershey and Oreo come and rest their heads on my belly...Is it OK to also love that my hair and skin are simply fab ????

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is this not the most adorable piece of clothing you've ever seen?? I thought about also posting a belly pic, but what fun would that be for those coming to our shower? ;)
I may have an urge to overshare, although I am trying to fight it, because Gary has training all day and won't be home until later. Hey, my ute has many stories to tell!

My Random Thoughts on the Day

First, since I know our little love nugget can taste what I eat, via the amniotic fluid, I've been giving my food intake special consideration. Now, I am so pleased and blessed to say that I crave.....SALADS & SANDWICHES. I find this strange because when I was younger and would think about pregnancy I thought "This is it. What could be better than binging for 9 months?!?" However, I eat really well, it's what my body wants, but my mind wants to fight it sometimes. I keep hearing that I should be craving burgers, fries, and ice cream (which I do sometimes crave burgers/fries), sadly, I do not. I think my ute is baking a little vegan. Gary gets beyond excited when I say I'd like Burger King, then his dreams crash, just a bit, because I ask for a salad with ranch and a grilled chicken sandwich w/o mayo. Sorry, babe!! :)
Speaking of my ute, LOVE IT! Baby appears to have my sleep schedule. I feel kicks/nudges just about all day long (O.EM.G..Hershey just farted out loud...) and when we lay down to sleep, I get a few more nudges and then it's off to sleep for us. Then, within minutes after I wake I feel baby again. We make sure we say "g'night" and "mornin'" to our beautiful little one.
Let's speak of labor. I am, actually, very excited for it. I don't find a need to fear it, since it is inevitable. I feel great (and will big, fat, attention whore the fact that I work out 5 days a week!) and have reasonable control of my body. I know labor is like nothing else, but I think I have a decent situation going in. Prepping for labor?? There are these funny things called Kegels that amuse me to no end.... I could be doing them now and you'd never know....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

For my last bit of catch-up tonight...

For my last bit of catch-up tonight... On May 8th, 2009 I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology!! I was so proud of getting that degree I worked so hard for. That was one memorable day for many reasons. First, they had us line up in the halls of the auditorium, where my pregnant feet started to feel the burn. Then, an insane downpour arrived, followed by a tornado warning! All of us in the halls were told to get into classrooms and stay low. It was one eventful day! All in all, we only started 15 minutes late. As I was walking on stage, with Gary and fam screaming like crazy!!, the baby started bouncing like crazy. It was so intense! These little popcorn flutters coming from my ute were baby's way of supporting mama! As soon as I got my degree, took the picture with the photographer, the baby simmered down. It was adorable! I will never forget that moment!

We have so much to catch-up on!

We have so much to catch up on!
First, let's talk first trimester. It was a beautiful thing. Not once did I throw up, although I did have my bouts with nausea. I would take naps like they were goin' out of style, and my belly would itch, but, I do have to say that I made it through without angering the pregnancy gods. I told Gary, "We should have done this so long ago!"
The first time I ever felt movement was 11 weeks. It sounds insanely early, but I know what I felt was something different than I had ever felt before. Gary and I had been sitting on the couch one night and I felt this solo, sure as can be thump, very, very low in my uterus. Fast forward to April 30th. This is the first time I felt consistent movement. I had just finished studying for a huge final I had the next day and was relaxing before bed. All of a sudden I felt what felt like popcorn popping in my low belly. It was an amazing feeling! Of course, I could not sleep that night...the night before my final...because baby decided to play with me some more as we laid in bed. I did, however, still ace my final, but more on that later... Now, baby is a mover and a shaker! Our little one loves to play with me. I can even see my belly move from the outside, which is just unbelievable! Gary even got to feel the baby for the first time this past Saturday. The look on his face was priceless; I'll never forget that.
There is one thing that stays on my mind: Our baby is an overachiever. At our first ultrasound, baby was measuring 2 days ahead, had a heartbeat of 163 and was progressing as expected. We had an ultrasound at 19 weeks and, now, baby is measuring 4 days ahead. Our doctor, whom we love, assures us it will all even out in the end, and I'm sure it will, but I hope our little overachiever has enough room in there! All that matters is that our baby is healthy, and baby sure is! Everything is measuring great, and we couldn't be happier.
We opted to not find out the sex. That was hard! The morning of our second ultrasound I was beside myself with excitement knowing that we are the proud parents of a little boy or a little girl. However, we decided to not find out and we are so happy with our decision. It'll be worth the wait! We can't wait to meet you, our little love bug!


Today, I have decided to create this blog so that everyone will know the constant state of my innards. Also, we have a baby that must be one terribly good looking little offspring in the making and have to develop your interest before I can expect the "oohs" and "aahs" over the gorgeous pictures that will come some time in October, now known as the best month ever! For those who do not know the entire story, Gary and I had been talking about babies around the Christmas holidays and couldn't, for the life of us, decide what we thought about creating one of our own. We went back and forth over when would be the best time to have one, and we concluded that there will always be a reason not to have one. So, he came home on lunch one day and I propositioned him, to which he replied "Let's do it!" After being on the pill for three years, we decided that we'd go off the pill for one month and see what happens, as we have a third deployment coming April-May of 2010. February 2, 2009 I found out I was pregnant. It was one incredible feeling!! All we could do was hug, smile, and kiss that beautiful pee-stick.