Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Babies Grow in Bellies

HAD to go grocery shopping today, to avoid having to make a meal out of the heel of a loaf of bread, V8, and mashed potato flakes, and the cashier decided to impart some wisdom upon me. Apparently, I will be delivering a BIG BOY. Now, I know this cashier loves me (a while ago when I went in I swear she complimented me every way from Sunday), and wasn't trying to be rude, but saying my belly is big when I still have just under 18 weeks left to bake isn't a girl's favorite thing to hear. Good thing is she said I have a "big baby", not the less tactful people who approach pregnancy with "YOU ARE so big..." UGH---I think any pregnant woman told that gets a free pass to deliver a throat punch.
Anyways, yes, my belly is indeed growing. From what I understand, that is where the child lives until they have risen completely. Of course, that could be just another Old Wive's Tale I suppose;)

Gary has told me different remarks coworkers have had about pregnant soldiers and such. What I don't understand is, although some women do get rather huge, when it's just the belly, where are they expecting it to go? Babies grow. That's the whole idea to this 9-month-deal. Anywho, luckily I am aware that it is not the rest of me that looks big. OK, even if I am baking a large baby (which, FYI, no untrained eye can tell that yet), MY HUSBAND IS 6'3"!! Do they think a big guy produces little babies? Another area of pregnancy math that is taking a huge hit.

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