Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby L's Nursery

Gary and I have been mulling over ideas for our little one's nursery, especially since we only have 2 bedrooms. Our "spare" room has our elliptical, TV- so I can stay on the elliptical the entire time, and our desk. I felt a little anxiety this morning over the fact that the nursery can't be exactly what we'd hoped, especially since we'll be moving when the baby is about 3-4 months old. That's OK though. Babies have been born for centuries without painted walls, wall hangings displaying baby's name, and without rooms dedicated, solely, to the new arrival.
I just realized that the whole notion of a nursery may be more for the parents than the actual child. Gary and I have recently talked about how easy it is to become stressed when you have to wait for time to pass to accomplish certain things. Accomplishments make the actuality of having to wait for your baby to bake much more bearable.
That said, we seem to have a preliminary set of ideas as to what our baby's room will entail. We will be (or, Gary will be) painting the baby's room before we head back for the shower and we will be doing some purging/rearranging of things to make baby's room ideal. Although, I understand a baby won't realize if their crib is in the center of the living room, or in a 4-walled shrine in their honor, I would still like to have something special, it just makes things easier, mentally, to realize that it's not 100% necessary.
And, an incredibly loud shout-out to my parents. They are, graciously, generously and all other applicable complimentary adjectives, buying our crib, changing table, dresser, and rocking chair for us!!!!! What kind of incredible grandparents are they?!?!? This not only takes a load off our chests, but is such an amazing gesture by any standards. Plus, it must be said that the furniture is simply gorgeous. It's all in a cherry finish and EXACTLY what we want. THANK YOU, MOM AND DAD. WE LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE EVERYTHING!!! ( don't hate us when you're sending back a box or two following the shower ;) )

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