Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby Shower Success!!!

Our baby shower in CA this past weekend was so much fun! I do have to say, it was NOT fun to have to deal with the swelling from the plane! Today, I woke up, after getting back home last night, and was so thankful to have everything back to normal. I must declare that I will never fly while pregnant again.

Anywho, the shower was so much fun. It was so nice to see people we, literally, hadn't seen in years. There was such a good turnout as well. Some people weren't able to make it, but if they had it would have been an insane amount of people! All in all, we are so happy that so many came out to celebrate with us. Thanks to everyone who made the trip, we appreciate it so much!! All the gifts you got us are going to good use!

I have to say big-fat-THANK-YOU to my mom for throwing us a great shower. There was great food, uber cute decorations, and a mountain of presents/diapers to mail back to us. Thanks, again, for going above and beyond, madre!!

Gary and I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked but we were too busy mingling and never knowing where our camera was :) Here are some of the shots we do have:

Here are the Uncles- and Grandparents-to-be!!
(Can't believe how big my ta-tas are getting!)

Our BEAUTIFUL cake my mom's neighbor,
Ellen, made. Thank you, it was both gorgeous
and tasty!

Our baby will be so incredibly well-rounded
because of the guys in this picture. They'd all
be the Godfathers, if possible, but Kevin (on the far left)
is the lucky one we chose! Gary is going to be such
an incredible father. His face lights up when
anything about baby is mentioned!!! XOXO

This is a small sample of our little one's fan
club! Thank you all for coming! It would have
been one huge pic had everyone been in it!

It's official...Gabby is our Godmother!! We asked her at the shower (THANK YOU for saying 'yes'!) and are so happy with our decision. You're a great mom, Gabby!!! I just wish we got a pic together before you left. Oh well, we'll see you again in August!!!

Millie, thank you SO MUCH for making the drive out here. We are in awe of the fact that you went through all that time and effort for us. You are one amazing cousin!!! We want you to know that just because we share texts or phone calls that are few and far between doesn't mean we don't love you so much or ever stop thinking about you!

Aunt Mary & Aunt Julie, the boundless support you give us never goes unnoticed...EVER! Aunt Mary, GOOD FOR YOU for losing 100 lbs., we are so proud of you!! My mom was so happy to get to know the 2 of you, she thinks you're sweet as pie :)

David, thanks a million for the pack n play. It's going to be priceless while we're still in our 2-story house! We will make such good use of it!

The Lux Bunch, you are some incredible neighbors!!!!! I think you covered every aspect of a baby's life! I can't believe you put so much thought and effort into getting us everything you thought a baby would need! THANK YOU

Uncle Joe & Aunt Jean, it means so much to us that you guys came out to celebrate our baby! My mom kept saying how excited you guys were and that touches us so much!! Jean, you gave my brothers, as well as us, infinite laughs with your unintentional (I think ;)... )jokes about 'throwing balls' while playing that horseshoe-esque throwing game!!!

Alora, we cannot believe that you drove all the way from Corona when you were only able to stay for 20 minutes. That just goes so above and beyond. Also, thanks a bunch for clearing out the baby aisles for our gifts!!!! And, you're right, whenever you see us it'll be like nothing changed!!

Oh, and fun factoid from the shower.....thanks to Colin's final count, we received 514 diapers!!!!!!!
That'll last about a week, right ;)

I want to thank everyone individually, but the blog would go on far too long! Special thanks to every single person who came out; lacking a specific mention does not mean you are not just as much appreciated! We are well aware that we have incredible friends and family. You all are nothing short of amazing. Next step....BABY ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! Thank you again!!!!

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Garrett and Jada Field said...

Your P~N~P is not quite the same but I like it!! I love the colors! and doesnt it look soooo comfy.....i wish i could crawl in it and take a nap!