Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Big, Puffy Heart for our Doctor!

Today, we had a prenatal appointment that just made us fall in love with Dr. Johnston even more. Not only does she answer every single question we have without ever making us feel as if we are frustrating her, she is very much a real person. She doesn't have insane expectations, doesn't maintain a hard line between doctor and patient, and is about as nice as they come. She is such a sweet lady. We really lucked out with her as our doctor for our first little baby (and the rest, if we are able!).

So, getting to the good stuff...One of the many questions we asked was about the baby having a breech presentation as of the last ultrasound. We weren't sure if we'd be getting a 3rd ultrasound before actually going into labor, so we asked how it would be checked if baby is in the correct position for birth, prior to labor. So she started checking my abdomen, after finding the heartbeat (147...must have been excited today!!), and found that the baby had turned and had his/her head facing down, toward my back and his little booty was up near the top of my uterus, which is now about 2 inches above my belly button. It was so exciting because now I actually know what I am getting those little nudges from. I'm not to the point where I can figure out where/how our little one is positioned on my own, but now I know that those little pokes I'm getting at the bottom of my belly are our babe's teeny hands!!! Who doesn't love that???

Anywho, Gary asked how she was able to tell and she showed him how to feel for the baby's positioning. She told him to put his right hand into a 'C', where he proceeded to feel for where the baby's head was, and put his left hand higher up on my belly and felt the babe's booty!!!!! The look on his face was so great! He said they were moving the baby a little bit!!!Later tonight, he's going to show me how to feel since I wasn't really in the position to be feeling around.

When mentioning our little one's heartbeat earlier, I said s/he must have been excited because the first couple appointments the heartbeat was measured in the 160s. Ever since then, heartbeat has been measured in the 130s-140s. Dr. Johnston said that when it was 160 BPM (beats per minute) the baby hit an excited moment, but 130s- low 140s is where the heartbeat is most stable. Hellloooo, Old Wive's Tales!!!

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