Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Husband

Today, Gary had to go to a range and will be gone all day. He usually comes home after PT, for lunch, and (obviously) around 5 or 6 after work. But, because of the range, this morning he kissed me and let me know he was leaving, and I won't see him again until 5 or 6.
Since we are also unable to text, we usually do about 234897 X a day, today has kind of reminded me about deployment. With the baby coming and all the milestones that have accompanied that, it has been a distraction (for lack of a better word) from the fact that he will, again, deploy:(
Anyone who truly knows us knows how difficult it is on us to be apart. We just can't stand it. We spend hundreds of dollars on phone cards, gift boxes, and anything else I can send him to know my heart and thoughts never leave him for one second. He's my world.
It may seem a bit odd to "stretch" from not being able to talk for 12 hours to being deployed, but, if you think about it, it's not that different. We are acutely aware of how precious time is. We're not perfect, we don't always make every single second count. We're human. But, we do know that our time together is precious. We have had unfortunate things happen to good people over in the "sandbox" and we thank God every.single.day. for the fact that we are able to physically reunite after 13-14 months.
With what today has made me think of, I thank God and count every single blessing we have that for the past 7 years we've done nothing but fall more in love. He is nothing short of amazing. Sometimes I look at him and wonder how I got so lucky, but I know luck has nothing to do with it.
Being pregnant is just the most incredible feeling in the world, there's nothing like it. But, just as incredible as it is to feel our child, that we created, that we love, swimming and bouncing inside me, it is just as incredible to know that I get to carry Gary's baby. To me, it's an honor to carry a baby that will add, and does add, to the amazing love we already have in this house. It's an honor to carry the baby of someone I admire. Gary and this baby have all my love. They are my world.
Thankfully, it is not time for deployment yet. Thankfully, I will see him in a few short hours, but, the point is, I will count just how lucky I am to have him come home, make dinner for him, and just be with him. Time isn't a given, it's a privilege. One we don't intend to waste.

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Garrett and Jada Field said...

I feel your pain sister!! You guys are so lucky to have each other! and just think soon we will be recording every move of the LIL LaMay so that his dad can see him on video when he is deployed. Until then make every second count!! Oh BTW- i love your choice on the pack and play....