Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Random Thoughts on the Day

First, since I know our little love nugget can taste what I eat, via the amniotic fluid, I've been giving my food intake special consideration. Now, I am so pleased and blessed to say that I crave.....SALADS & SANDWICHES. I find this strange because when I was younger and would think about pregnancy I thought "This is it. What could be better than binging for 9 months?!?" However, I eat really well, it's what my body wants, but my mind wants to fight it sometimes. I keep hearing that I should be craving burgers, fries, and ice cream (which I do sometimes crave burgers/fries), sadly, I do not. I think my ute is baking a little vegan. Gary gets beyond excited when I say I'd like Burger King, then his dreams crash, just a bit, because I ask for a salad with ranch and a grilled chicken sandwich w/o mayo. Sorry, babe!! :)
Speaking of my ute, LOVE IT! Baby appears to have my sleep schedule. I feel kicks/nudges just about all day long (O.EM.G..Hershey just farted out loud...) and when we lay down to sleep, I get a few more nudges and then it's off to sleep for us. Then, within minutes after I wake I feel baby again. We make sure we say "g'night" and "mornin'" to our beautiful little one.
Let's speak of labor. I am, actually, very excited for it. I don't find a need to fear it, since it is inevitable. I feel great (and will big, fat, attention whore the fact that I work out 5 days a week!) and have reasonable control of my body. I know labor is like nothing else, but I think I have a decent situation going in. Prepping for labor?? There are these funny things called Kegels that amuse me to no end.... I could be doing them now and you'd never know....

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