Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our newest "feeling"...

A couple days before the shower I had a dream about the baby. That's the 3rd one, that I can remember, and it proved very insightful (or what we'll refer to as insightful until we SEE otherwise).

The first baby dream I had was where the baby was there, but sex was never revealed. The second dream told that our little one is a girl. Man, was she our child in that dream. Dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, big ol' smile....she was definitely the fruit of our loins. This most recent dream included some mean girl who, apparently, saw our last ultrasound and told us the sex to be.... well, mean. She, you guessed it, said "girl!"

So, dreams are just for fun and as much as someone can go off on a Freudian tangent about dreams, we don't go that way. But, when coupled with other things, our gut seems to stick with one answer. At first that answer was BOY BOY BOY! That's the only thing we could have in our heads; 'girl' was just not natural to us. Well, this past weekend, the general consensus was 'girl' and Gabby called it. To me, that's as good as an ultrasound tech's declaration! We called both her kids. We knew it was a boy the first time. The second time, we both said girl at first and then, almost simultaneously, said that we needed to change that estimate to boy. We were right!

We are so happy we didn't find out the sex. It's so much more fun this way, plus, those things are never 100%. Whenever we say we're not finding out, people (almost always) say "Good for you!!!!" It's just more exciting this way!

:::::off to consult Miss Cleo:::::::

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