Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pass this tidbit around...

Why do people think they need to look at a pregnant woman in a "stealthy" fashion, and WHY do they think they succeed in doing it "stealthily"??
One of the things I've noticed is that people look at my pregnant belly almost as if it's a time-bomb, look too long and it'll explode! Maybe they are in awe that it is indeed summer and I am just fine being pregnant during these months, or maybe they love the thrill of the cat-n-mouse game? Whatever it is, I wish you would all pass along that this pregnant woman does not mind if people check out the bump. In fact, I enjoy it. I love that along with my adorable maternity clothes, the pre-pregnancy clothes that still fit, and my obvious satisfaction with being a child-bearer, I love that I can accessorize with a baby Gary and I love so much. I have the answer....pregnancy seems to be stereotyped as the 40 weeks a woman becomes a sweaty, hormonal, huge, beast of an individual. These are things that do not apply to me in any way. So, it's OK, acceptable, and maybe even encouraged to LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE BUMP.

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