Saturday, June 6, 2009

So, they say that fetus' sleep 10-14 hours a day...I say horse hockey!!
Gary and I are watching the remake of Yours, Mine, & Ours (not a must-see) before we head off to Best Buy to see if they can fix our burned-out motor on the driver's side door for the keyless entry, and our little love bug decided to show his/her boxing skills. I got more than a few little jabs from our little one's teeny fists (if I hadn't said this before, as of our last ultrasound baby is breech). A couple of which Gary was able to feel! The smile that came from his face looked as if he had slept with a hanger in his mouth!! Perhaps our little one is telling us a name choice...Rocky or Rockina ;)
Before I head off, I'd like to discuss the possibility that my veins have hand sanitizer/soap running through them! I'm pretty sure our beautiful little one has positioned him/herself right atop my bladder ;)
It also must be said that pregnancy is the most beautiful thing I could ever imagine going through. I do spend much time in the bathroom, but I could never imagine ever feeling that something like that is an annoyance. I love that Gary stares at me and just has this huge grin on his face, I love that I feel life inside me, I love that Hershey and Oreo come and rest their heads on my belly...Is it OK to also love that my hair and skin are simply fab ????

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