Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yesterday was AMAZING!

Well, as you probably read, we had an awesome prenatal appointment yesterday, but the afternoon was even better. We were laying in bed and I was telling Gary of all the places I was feeling pressure, and then I'd get a little thump. Before, the thumps/nudges would happen so quickly that I wasn't able to make a connection between how I was feeling and when/where the thump would appear. Yesterday, I could!! So, as we laid there, and I was telling him which areas to watch, we sat there and watched my belly move. It was so amazing!! Our little one is becoming quite strong!

Then, it gets better....Gary showed me how to feel the baby, like he did in the doctor's office, and IT WORKED!! :) We were never 100% sure about finding baby's head, but I FELT OUR BABY'S BACK. It was insane. We were like 2 kids in a candy store! We'd be: ::::giggle giggle giggle::: "Do it again!! :::giggle giggle giggle::: "did you see that?!?!?" Just so amazing!!

:::::off to watch belly:::::

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