Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just for funsies....

I've been trying to make a collage of my pregnant belly pics (we've done them every 4 weeks since week #4) and can't seem to make it work, they always come out huge! So, I decided I'd do a few pics, from the 7 we have, to show our little one's progress. It's INSANE that I didn't start showing until about 18 weeks, but now I have a definite pregnant belly!

Isn't it amazing what 4 weeks can do to a growing belly??? In the 25 wk pic, I had just got home from doing all sorts of stuff for Gary's Class As and doing the grocery shopping, so the belly is a bit bigger than actuality, but probably not by much.

Ooooh, and we get to go baby shopping tomorrow!!!! We're taking our money/gift cards from the shower to hit up Babies R Us and Target, and then going to lunch!! Can't wait! It'll be a great start to the four day weekend! (Plus, I get to wear this really cute new dress I got! Who doesn't love that!?)

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