Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rainforest Cafe

Today, we decided, on a whim (since we won't have the luxury of whims in a few weeks!), that we'd drive into Nashville to go to the Rainforest Cafe since we've never been there. It was totally worth it! Of course, we paid for a bit of the ambiance, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

However, getting there was a chore! We left here around 2:15 and didn't get to our 45 minute-away-destination until about 3:40. There was some sort of accident with 2 semis that were, somewhat, wrecked and had tipped over into the median. For once, the traffic was legit and not just a bunch of "looky-lous".

Anywho, every 30 minutes they have a lightning/thunder show where everything gets all dark and the animals go into their movement and make their respective noises. We just loved it! Hey, we never claimed to be anything other than easily amused!! ;) Here are some of the pics from where we sat:
Apparently, we love our gorillas ;) In actuality, our camera is just about done and we were only able to get shots of what was directly next to us; everything else came out dark and/or blurry. And, there are no shots of us because, of course, we walked the L-O-N-G way around Opry Mills and by the time we got there I was feeling pretty faint because I hadn't eaten in 4-5 hours. I just didn't feel I was at my picture-taking-best! But, loyal fans, I've decided that I'll take special belly pics for 'ya and include a "quiz" that will go over some generalities about my uterus during that given week. You. Are. Welcome.

Ok, so before Gary and I ever discussed having a baby I decided that when I was far enough along to be clearly pregnant and someone asked "When are you due?" I would look at them, quiver my lip, and say "What are you talking about???" My own psychological experiment just for funsies. Today, I missed the only golden opportunity I've had this entire pregnancy. Mind you, I looked like I was shoplifting a basketball today. Please enjoy:

Rainforest waitress: "Are you eating for two?"

Me: :::blank stare::::


Me: "Yes, (points to belly) this doesn't come standard"

Rainforest waitress: (laughs) "I just had a baby.....eight months ago"

This exchange tickled our fancy for two reasons: 1-When she asked her initial question, it was an honest question that she needed a reply to. 2- The way she said she "just" had a baby seriously made it sound like she walked out of the stirrups and into the Rainforest Cafe. Now, we love to find the humor in just about anything, so we enjoyed the little bit of teasing we gave her, but these kinds of instances are always in fun in our part-no evil intentions whatsoever. As soon as she left Gary and I replayed this in our ever so witty banter:
We're such a hoot ;)

Well, tomorrow I have my glucose tolerance test (GTT). I have to eat extremely light (doctor said only to eat a piece of toast before---Whiskey.Tango.Foxtrot?? I need a snack to be able to make breakfast!), drink some insanely sugary drink, wait one hour, and then have blood drawn. This will tell if I have any red flags for gestational diabetes (something out of my control-it is in regards to the ratio of glucose tolerance to insulin). I assume it's a "no news is good news" situation, but if I hear anything I might have to take the 3 hour test--same idea as above, but with a 3 hour wait rather than 1. Wish me luck!

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