Thursday, July 23, 2009

We're movin' on up....

It is insane to see baby stuff around the house. It's not just in a keepsake box that we'll eventually open up; it's being moved to places that we'll be in and out of in, give or take, 11 weeks!!! For the non-pregnant readers, no, that's not a lightyear away, it's like...tomorrow.

Our dresser/changing table combo was delivered on Tuesday. I worked on it while Gary was at work because all the reviews I read said that it takes 4-5 hours to put together. I didn't want him to feel that he had to come home and get straight to work, so I thought I'd put a dent in it. I worked for just about 4 hours (while watching Friends and assuring Oreo that the shelves were nothing to be scared of) and man did my pregnant body not appreciate that! The hours following my putting the majority of the dresser together encouraged me to refer to myself as "Igor"
It took about an hour on Wednesday to finish putting together. There is a hutch that will go above the dresser, but we don't have that yet. Here is our gorgeous dresser/changing table combo:

Everything on top of it will not be staying there. We're going to pick up a few things so that everything will have its own place. But, all of the clothing we currently have is folded in the drawers, the stand on the right has about a week's worth of diapers inside that door, all the baby's "medications" (baby tylenol, teething gel, chest rub....), and hygiene items like Qtips and nail clippers. This is just pure insanity!

Here, we have our little one's swing

It is almost too cute for words, but I still have a few to add! #1 It looks so comfy! #2 People are stupid. I put this together while Gary was at Ft. Knox and sent him a pic in a text of it. Someone he works with saw it and asked if we were having a boy. LISTEN UP PEOPLE, it is an underwater scene, what color would you like the background to be in that case?? ::Here's your sign:: OK, so you're probably thinking that it's a relatively tame comment and you're right, it was. However, it just gets annoying that people all of a sudden become experts about pregnancy when someone around them is having a baby. A few of my pregnant friends have said how people call them huge (WORD CHOICES, people! Say their belly is huge, not them!), etc., when they definitely are not. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. So, to rectify this issue, I've decided I will be making random (that was for you, Kev;) hehehe...) comments about other people's weight/appearance, who are not pregnant, after I birth our beautiful little one. It will be one in the 'W' column for pregnant women everywhere!! ;) Or, I can make those comments to people who make remarks about the state of a pregnant woman's body when they haven't seen them for years and years and, apparently, a basis for comparison is simply unnecessary (::wink, wink:: ::nudge, nudge:: madre, you know what I mean! ;)) End Rant. But, please, people realize that having comments made about you is no different when you are pregnant, than when you are not pregnant. I know, outside of putting furniture together for hours, I feel really great. I still work out 4-5 times a week and am proud of how disgustingly healthy I eat, but I know that if I were to hear something like this it could really take a toll on me. The old adage applies: If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. True.effing.story.

This leads me to another digression. Patrick, my 17 year old brother, is just awesome! He told me that him and some of the other football players helped out those with some type of issue (near-the-end-of-pregnancy, physical handicap, etc.) to their seats during Apple Valley's last graduation (he will be graduating in '10). He saw a woman who was very far along in her pregnancy and offered her a wheelchair. She politely declined, to which he replied "No, ma'am, I must insist" Patrick, I was so proud of you for that! I don't know if it's that you're more aware because you have a pregnant sister or what, but I thought that was the sweetest. And, I bet, she'll remember that (if she's at all like myself who thinks any gesture like that-even if to another person-is uber much as the opposite treatment to another person can make me feel the same-as seen above!) P-diddy, you really are somethin' else!

OK, back to the main point of the baby's room. I've drawn up a little something for our little one's room. It's still a sketch at this point since Gary and I are still mulling over possibilities of how I should put color to it, but I'm still pretty proud of it:

I hope you are able to see it. It's fairly light. It's a pic of Tweety holding a block, with a room as the background. I think it'll look seriously amazing once color is put to it. I don't think you can tell the difference between the foreground and background, or the angles, from this pic but I took the best pic I could since Gary is at work. Hope you like it!

Gary and I have been recently talking about how much I'll miss being pregnant when the baby comes. I really will. As amazing and incredible it'll be to hold our little one, I'm really going to miss the acrobatics that make me watch my belly more than the TV and taking pride in my eating/exercise habits because of how beneficial it'll be to our babe. I'll also miss the looks I get. I was at the commissary last week and the lady who took out my groceries asked, with a bit of concern, if I had anyone to help me bring them in at home. At that point, Gary was still at Ft. Knox and I was happy/thankful I could say that I'd be fine doing it, which I was, but I thought her bit of concern for a stranger was really sweet. She received a big tip.
Or the woman who was walking around the store with her relatively newborn babe (not something I would do, but she made her decision as she saw fit), saw my belly, and gave me one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen.
Or the bagger at the commissary who, upon seeing me walk in, asked "How are you doing, mama?" I would have given him a big tip had I ended up in his line!!
Or, that Gary and I talk for hours about what we think the baby's sex is, what they'll look like, how we want to tackle certain issues and, the cutest of all, when he brings up "...the next one?" He's a proud papa already, I better hurry up and gestate.

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