Saturday, August 8, 2009

Childbirth Class

We had our first childbirth class, this past Thursday, at Gateway-the hospital where we'll deliver. Out of the around 11 couples that were there we were the only ones who didn't find out the sex of our little mini-me! We thought we were aware of the fact that people like to find out what they're having, but had no idea we'd be in the 1% ! We thought it was funny that people gave us the "good for you's" when Gary introduced us and said our baby was "a surprise" yet every single one of them found out what they were having! I guess the temptation was just too much.

The class was awesome though. It was a bit of a reiteration of all the things we've been reading/talking about, but it was nice to hear a few things we hadn't known about. But, by far, our favorite part was touring the L&D and postpartum wards! Previously, I had thought that the L&D rooms were LDR rooms, but the room for recovery is separate. They are all private rooms, which is just a nice bonus! They have a pullout couch for Gary and a private bathroom in each room with WiFi and a flat screen TV. If it wasn't called labor I'd swear we were going on a weekend getaway.

There are 12 L&D rooms. When we were in one of them I asked if the number of rooms had ever been an issue. The nurse, who was giving the class, said that the most they've ever had at once in those rooms was 8. Hopefully, my super fertility in January didn't spread to those delivering at Gateway! I'm going to want a room ASAP!!

The same day of the childbirth class I had a prenatal appointment. Since my doctor just had her baby (she WILL be back in time.....PHEW!!) I was seen by the nurse practitioner. The NP is so nice and very attentive, but part of me thought she was too attentive. The past 2 appointments my blood pressure is a little higher at first, but then goes down once I get in the exam room. I, honestly, just get so excited when we're going to hear the heartbeat and because each appointment brings us closer to seeing our baby! I can't help it! But, it always goes down to a good number (110/68). Anyway, the NP had a super concerned look on her face. Then, when I said the only real discomfort I feel is gas related, which, when it happens, always follows eating, she started talking about watching for contractions etc. She freaked me out! Our doctor is so relaxed, thorough but relaxed. I tell her what I'm feeling and move on. But, this day, the NP started talking about watching for preeclampsia (where I'd have to be induced early because the baby would be in harm).... I swear the NP is going to send me into labor!! I know, at the end of the day, that things are all going to be fine. I just wish she wouldn't play with a pregnant woman's emotions! ;) Next week, I have to go back for a blood pressure check because they just want to make sure things are fine. I know they will be, I just get excited! I can't help it! Hey, soon I'm going to be meeting a person I made. I think that's grounds for a "rush".

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