Thursday, August 13, 2009

First trip to L&D

Well, today has proved an eventful day.
At my last two prenatal appointments, my blood pressure has been high right off the bat, but simmers when I go into the exam room and relax for a second. The nurses haven't been too fond of that routine, so they had me come in today for a blood pressure check. Blood pressure was high again, but they shocked us when they said they were sending us over to the hospital.

We get to the hospital, are admitted to labor and delivery, had a ton of blood drawn, and hooked up for fetal monitoring and blood pressure--taken every 15 minutes. The RN, who was taking care of us, was more than nice---hope she's there when I squeeze Baby L out!

Anyway, the RN goes through the barrage of questions about habits I may or may not have and says she'll come back with the results of the blood draw. Labs come out fine, I didn't have any contractions, and baby's heartbeat (which we got to listen to the whole time ::::swoon:::::) was fine. They did mention serious diagnoses that could pop up with blood pressure issues, such as pregnancy induced hypertension, preeclampsia, and bedrest.

Those possibilities caught me so off guard because I feel great. I do have backaches and sore feet sometimes, but that's typical of pregnancy-nothing extraordinary. I have, steadily, worked out 4-5 times a week and eaten healthy this entire pregnancy. I think part of me thought that was enough. But, this blood pressure issue is out of my control. I do get so excited about our little love bundle coming so soon and about the baby stuff we buy, but that's a momentary rise in blood pressure, not something that sustains over time.

So, the RN talked to a doctor at the office I go to (my doctor is on maternity leave) and he said I can't work out and to not eat salty foods, ie "no chips, taco bell, or pizza etc"---to which Gary responded "believe me, that is more than taken care of" Sorry, babe! Now there's 0 possibility of me turning into a clich├ęd pregnant woman! ;) It seriously made me laugh that I have doctor's orders to NOT work out! Doesn't that seem ironic!?

As we left, everything was fine with both me and mini-me. The RN also reported that the doctor she spoke to wants me to come in on Monday for a NST , nonstress test. From what I understand, they'll hook up my belly and track little one's heart rate to make sure it correlates with movement etc. for about 20 minutes. If they do not like the results, I will be seen twice a week (OH JOY!) for blood pressure checks and an ultrasound (JOY ...for real!), in addition to regular prenatal appointments.

This is all so strange because I have felt great, am always hydrating and listen to my body when it tells me to stop! Kind of strange that it's out of my hands, but we'll know more on Monday. Our little one is doing well, though!! That's all that matters. Whatever we have to do to keep baby healthy we'll do in a heartbeat. Gary said that if I have to go on bedrest: "It's over. You're not doing anything. I'll move the extra TV in there, you won't clean, cook or get out of bed except to shower or pee" Yes, sir.

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