Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank You, Aunt Julie!!

Aunt Julie made us this beautiful blanket that I HAD to share:

And, here's Hershey considering stealing this adorable blanket for himself!

It is so soft! Such a beautiful surprise!! You didn't have to do this, Aunt Julie, but we're so happy you did! Thank you again. We can't wait until we can use it when our baby arrives! :)
An added bonus is that it's matching the "theme" we've been doing in our little one's room! Of course, we're keeping everything gender neutral, but we have a few little adorable animal items in the room. Here's another little item we love:

Apparently, we're trying to raise the next Steve Irwin ;) Ok, so we do love animals, but that will not be the only types of items in the room. Swear!

All this gets me so excited! Before we know it Gary and I will be heading to the hospital! Oh, and baby must know I'm talking about him/her....my belly has been moving during the whole time I've been typing:)

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