Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week of the Eagles

We went to an awesome concert on post last night! Of course, they had to make it take forever, but, even so, it was awesome to feel our little one get all into the music! So adorable! OK, so I was just about to say SHE loves Hank Williams, Jr. Coincidence? I think not;)
Here are the festivities they had going on before the concert started:

And here are the acts we saw:
Jon Rich

*Hank, Jr.* (Man, our little one has great taste in music!)

Jake Owen

And, the main event!, Carrie Underwood!!

This concert was really so much fun. They said there was an estimated 75,000 people there!!! Here's a shot of how many sat ahead of us:

We got there around 5, and the show was *scheduled* to start at 6. We had really good seats. Plus, our awesome new camera (still not over it, sorry!) has a zoom where we practically got a shot of Carrie Underwood's pores. Now, an hour or two into the show, this is how many were behind us:

We're supposed to go to the Air Show today, but it is hotter than Hades and I don't think I'll be able to handle that! I'm still bewildered as to how there was enough space for all the people who came last night and my humidity-induced-inflatable hands.

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