Monday, August 31, 2009

What a kick in the pants...

today's appointment was!

I go in and get strapped to the NST machine, which baby passed with flying colors! :), and all was going normal until the doctor came in to see us.

The doctor is one of the doctors I've seen on the rotating basis until my primary OB gets back from maternity leave. Anywho....he comes in, looks at my chart, and everything he says implies that I won't be making it until the 40 week mark. He said they'd like to get me to 39 weeks "in a perfect world", but that's probably not going to happen. HOLY CRAP.

As he checks the printout from the NST, he says that baby is "very happy" (DUH--whose womb is baby living in?? ;) ) and that I had been contracting. That was the shock of the century for me! I literally felt nothing, and it kind of escaped my mind that I can contract without feeling it this late in the game. He goes on to say that baby is in the 43rd percentile, so just about average in terms of development, and that they may start to consider giving me steroid shots to help with things like lung maturation, should baby decide to come early, or they need to get baby because of my pregnancy induced hyptertension--which I just found out today I had.

The hypertension sounds scary, but it really comes from the blood pressure issue, which I have no control over. Delivery of the babe is the only "cure"; and that's only if bp skyrockets, which mine does not.

He reiterated that bringing me in for the NST and ultrasound each week is, most likely, overkill, but they really want to be careful....which we LOVE!! Oh, and this is not the douchetastic doctor from our last visit. This guy we had today is AWESOME!

It is just so crazy to us how close this pregnancy is to being over. We really think we're going to have a September baby, and doctor basically said the same thing!! Not much longer!

Off to let our little overachiever contract my uterus a few more times before bed...

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