Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh sh*t, son!

After my last OB appointment, they sent me to Gateway because the protein in my urine was sneaking upward and they wanted to make sure everything was OK. We thought it was going to be crunch time since 2 of the on-call doctors from my OBs office were there and were being informed of my being there. As you can tell, that was not the case!

But, the craziest thing we've ever witnessed did happen. We were walking up to the nurse's station and this nurse pops out of one of the L & D rooms and asks this doctor passing by if he could "deliver a baby real quick"!! So, he runs in there and starts telling her to push and by the time we got into our L&D room a few doors down, we heard the cries of a newborn! We just stood there in the room and stared at each other with smiles that looked like we had slept with hangers in our mouths! It was so intense...and it wasn't even our baby!

This weekend I am officially considered full-term, especially since our baby is the little overachiever and won't wait out the full 40 wks. LET'S DO THIS!

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