Friday, October 16, 2009

Jake meets his fan club

...Or its first few members anyway.

Grammy Lori, grandpa Scott, & uncle Colin came out to meet our little man this past week and we had an awesome time! Jake had his first *social* outings, to Longhorn Steakhouse (twice!) and Cracker Barrel. He's such an amazing baby...he was either looking around while being held or sleeping.

He really liked to hear the bass voice of grandpa Scott! He'd always look in the direction of wherever he heard that voice and would make faces like he was trying to have a conversation with him! Sooo adorable!!

He looks angry in that pic but he's just loving all the new ways he's able to control his facial features!

Then, there's grammy Lori....I came out of the kitchen, holding Jake, as they were walking in the house the first night they got here and she bum-rushed! Of course, Jake was sleeping, but I'm pretty sure she didn't mind! Here's a pic of the two of them together:

She accompanied me to the bathroom in Longhorn to see his first huge poo!! Lucky her!

Uncle Colin sure loved holding Jake! He held him every chance he got!

It was a really great visit and we can't wait to do it again in December!

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