Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life is amazing

One of the things that was "refreshed" for us this past weekend was exactly how wonderful we have it. We have an incredible baby & great family, both of which I never take for granted, but Millie's kind words made our feelings that much stronger.
She constantly said "You're such a great mom" "You're such a great dad" & "I'm so proud of you guys". Things that you, as a parent, don't think you really deserve. You simply do your job every day. You love on your child, you encourage their growth, you make sure all their physical needs are met.....things you assume all people do.
But what really put a nice, pretty bow on top of everything was her & Grandpa being so nonstop amazed by what a great baby Jake is. That's when Gary & I looked at each other and thought 'We must be doing something right'
Now, when we play with Jake, instead of being giddy solely because he laughs or smiles, we're kind of looking past that. We're looking past the utter beauty that is his outward happiness & thanking God we make him happy enough on the inside that it shows on the outside.
Millie made me realize that us playing with him, 'talking' with him, & doing whatever we can to make him happy is no small feat. I'll play with him & make my faces & plant those kisses, but I never thought much of it. That's just what you do with a baby, right? You stimulate them, you do the baby talk, mix in a feeding & diaper change, & finish with a big, fat smile across that little boy's recipe for success.
Millie, just want to thank you for showing us that although Jake is a great baby & really personable, that we do play a part in helping him be that way. & in an hour, a day, a week from now I'll probably go back to giving all the props to my little J man, but, for now, I have a super puffy heart for what you helped us know

Another GREAT family visit!

This past weekend we were lucky enough to have Jake's Great Grandpa Warren & 2nd Cousin Millie come out & see us. We had a great time & Jake took to them like he's known them forever! It was very sweet to see them together! This is one of my favorite pics from this weekend:

Grandpa also spent some time loving on his one & only Great Grandson:
Grandpa was nice enough to take us on a baby shopping extravaganza to Target! He got us, well...Jake, a jumperoo & a few other items that make our life that much easier. Thanks, Grandpa! We really appreciate it!! As soon as Jake is in that jumperoo pictures will be posted!

We had to introduce more of our California extended family to Cracker Barrel & Longhorn Steakhouse, which did not disappoint!! Here we're enjoying a great dinner at Longhorn:

It was so nice to have you guys visit! We appreciate all the effort that went into coming out here for just a couple days!! Can't wait to see you again!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Smiles can no longer hide in this house

...but that's because Daddy is a ninja with the camera. By the grace of God was PART of our playtime with Little J caught on camera to be remembered for all of time

He's sooo beautiful!!

Jake was in an especially playful mood after eating & was smiling up a storm. I'm just thankful we got ANY OF IT on camera!!
He's so big already...these 7 weeks have flown by!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ahh, to be young...

I defy one person to say they don't wish they looked this peaceful as they slept!

My new swing

Our Big Boy in his new swing :) The motor kept burning out in the old swing, but we did keep it for a back-up.
He LOVES this swing! I admit, on the slowest setting it does look like it's going to launch our beautiful little boy, but he can't get, I guess our thoughts on the matter are pretty irrelevant!

He is so incredibly content in this swing; he sits/lays there and coos up a storm & loves looking at the mobile. Melts my heart to watch him in there. But, OK, hindsight is 20/20, yes? Well, in retrospect I SHOULD KEEP A CAMERA WITH ME AT ALL TIMES. I, honestly, have a problem. I am so enthralled with this little boy and all the ways he smiles, coos, watches the world around him that it never dawns on me to pick up a mother effin' camera and catch this stuff on film. I feel I should enter some sort of Photographers, or lack thereof, Anonymous group. I need to change!
Such is the story today: We went in for my 6 week postpartum check up (everything is super btw!). He was the picture of perfection in the waiting room; he was beyond friendly with the mosh pit of a nursing staff who flocked to our side when we arrived; he sat there & cooed and smiled while my OB & I chatted about making sure I will never utter the words "Irish Twins" as a description to my immediate situation...and all it did for me was make me fall in love with him more. Of course, there's nothing wrong with this. I will hold these beautiful memories with me forever, & those moments where I just stare at him, wondering what life used to be like, are made that much sweeter from knowing our special moments together...BUT, I want proof!! I want to be able to look through photo albums, when Jake is grown, & proudly point to a pic & say "there...that's it. This is what your smile looked like as you enjoyed your swing...and, YOUR MAMA GOT IT ON FILM"
But, OK, I get some sort of amnesty, right? I am a first time mom who is so in love with her son that she can't fathom doing anything but sitting and staring at him in all his glory. However, I am a determined mama. As I raise my clenched fist to the camera gods, I vow I will catch one of my little boy's numerous daily play times on film for immortality.