Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life is amazing

One of the things that was "refreshed" for us this past weekend was exactly how wonderful we have it. We have an incredible baby & great family, both of which I never take for granted, but Millie's kind words made our feelings that much stronger.
She constantly said "You're such a great mom" "You're such a great dad" & "I'm so proud of you guys". Things that you, as a parent, don't think you really deserve. You simply do your job every day. You love on your child, you encourage their growth, you make sure all their physical needs are met.....things you assume all people do.
But what really put a nice, pretty bow on top of everything was her & Grandpa being so nonstop amazed by what a great baby Jake is. That's when Gary & I looked at each other and thought 'We must be doing something right'
Now, when we play with Jake, instead of being giddy solely because he laughs or smiles, we're kind of looking past that. We're looking past the utter beauty that is his outward happiness & thanking God we make him happy enough on the inside that it shows on the outside.
Millie made me realize that us playing with him, 'talking' with him, & doing whatever we can to make him happy is no small feat. I'll play with him & make my faces & plant those kisses, but I never thought much of it. That's just what you do with a baby, right? You stimulate them, you do the baby talk, mix in a feeding & diaper change, & finish with a big, fat smile across that little boy's recipe for success.
Millie, just want to thank you for showing us that although Jake is a great baby & really personable, that we do play a part in helping him be that way. & in an hour, a day, a week from now I'll probably go back to giving all the props to my little J man, but, for now, I have a super puffy heart for what you helped us know

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