Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Immunizations, be damned

Jake had his first shots this week, and I've decided shots are an instrument of torture. My poor child had to get THREE shots, 2 in his left thigh 1 in his right, & an oral one that actually went just fine.

We left there with a laundry list of tips & tricks to make his first-shot-experience as comfy as possible. He needed thigh massages, to have his legs "bicycled" during diaper changes, Tylenol through a dropper, & a warm bath. It seems that things went quite well; he didn't develop a fever & no knots in his legs. Success!

Before we were "allowed" to leave, we were supposed to hang out for 15 minutes to make sure Jake didn't have a bad reaction. While we waited, Jake was the talk of just about everyone who passed by! Smiles from men & women alike confirmed our child is a looker. See, I'm not biased...

Although, the doctor we saw this time treated Jake & me like she didn't want to be murdered in her place of employment & we were so thankful for that, there are still a few things that bewilder me. Why do people tell you about your child? The nurse proceeded to tell me what color Jake's hair is, why he was crying, & what would make him happy. I assured the know-it-all nurse that his hair only has a red tint in certain light, that it's actually a brown shade, that he only cries at the hospital because too much is going on for him, & that once we left his appointment he would be just fine. Smiles & cooing would resume. She, in turn, decided to assure ME that his hair IS red, that he was crying because he didn't enjoy being undressed--hey, he's my child, he DOES NOT mind being in his birthday suit, & that he'll be happy once he's not around strangers anymore. FAIL. Oh, and because I was talking to him in a soothing tone while he was being weighed/measured, the nurse gives me the stink-eye & says "I can tell you're a first time mother" Why? Because I want to comfort my child? I apologize, but I will comfort my child no matter who's around. Just because I don't rip your head off & am agreeable doesn't mean I'm naive. It just means I want to make things go smoothly. Promise, & kisses...

Ok, so I'm learning that because I'm young people ASSume that I know nothing about caring for my child. As infuriating as it can be, I'm learning to let it roll off my back. Their thoughts mean nothing. I have a child who only fusses to let you know he's hungry, has a loaded diaper, or wants a nap--& we have witnesses that can attest to these facts! And, that's only when I haven't realized those things before he has! Hell, he wakes me most nights by cooing! We must be doing something right, and, no matter the opinion of any turd we come across, it works for us & Jake. So, I will take a deep breath & realize that nothing any nurse on post says, Jake is a happy baby & we are doing right by him. Ignorance is not one of my favorite personality traits, but it's important I tell them to "eff off" in my head & move on. If they will continue to be that way, it's up to me to act accordingly. It's only an hour of our life every couple months. We can deal & we will. I laugh just about anything else off & this will not be the exception.

We're just going to be thankful this doctor was good to us. Plus, if the next doctor we see gets especially out of line, I can always administer a punch to the throat ;)

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