Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our First Thanksgiving!

Jake is officially part of things; he participated in his first eat-until-you-can't-move holiday! Of course, he had to wait a couple hours to get his turkey dinner, but he got it nonetheless.

Because time passed without my approval, it was Thanksgiving Eve before I realized we didn't have a turkey. Luckily, Gary's sergeant & his prego wife invited us over to have some super tasty food & NO CLEAN UP. Win win.

I had every intention of getting a nice family photo of our first holiday together, but, never fear, our camera died while we snapped a quick pic as we ran out the door. It could look worse, I suppose ;)

There's something about the holidays that make Jake seem older. I'm sure this is normal, but the combo of him constantly talking, smiling, cooing, & eating....sometimes all at the same time....& my planning all the ways we want to mark his first holiday season makes it seem like he's already a teenager. I did not sign off on that.

All in all, our first Thanksgiving as a trio was a success. We're just thankful for any time we have together. The Army, just like time, never gets our approval before making decisions.

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