Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We are not an incestuous bunch....Swearsies

I must begin this post with a picture:
So, I'm thinking that some of the weird looks we got from the senior crowd (Madre...why did we always end up 'out' during the early bird dinner??) were because, other than our proximity to one another, it'd be quite difficult to tell where brothers ended & the procreation partner began.

Now that that's out of the way....

We had one great visit from the fam. We visited my mom's favorite restaurant evah, Cracker Barrel, & received less than stellar service, but I'm pretty sure she forgives. She loves the Barrel, tried and true. Just like being the Dodger fan she is...you stick with 'em, no matter how disappointing.

For Gary and myself, it was really great to see my 'tough-guy' brothers showing nothing but love to our love bug:

And then, there's my madre. She'd clothesline me, without a second thought, to get to her first grandchild:
I guess there could be worse traits in a grandma :)

We're so grateful everyone took the time and effort to make the trip out here to see us <3 We went out a couple times, no extravagant outings, but it was awesome to have everyone here. I loved making breakfast for hungry boys in the morning, and watching Brian Regan & Daniel Tosh dvd's at night. Not to mention, Keeping Up with the Kardashians...ya know, high brow television.

It was hard to part, but a simple trip to Shoney's, following a walk around Opryland (that cost $19.67 in parking for each car we took!!) and and attempt to park at Opry Mills, was the setting for our 'see ya later's'. We did go our separate ways before any tears flowed (ahem....grams), and managed to get some great pics:
All in all, a success!!

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