Friday, January 1, 2010

2010, here we come

I feel that this year will hold more happiness than I know what to do with. Aside from our THIRD deployment looming over us, and taunting us, this year has so many wonderful things in store for us.

This year, I will have a mobile child. Jake will soon be rolling over, scooting/crawling, he'll take his first steps, he'll turn one...he'll take over mama's title of 2009, since I won't be graduating college and having a baby this year...I assume, and it'll be "The Year of Jake".

I will also be turning the big 2-5. This is pretty intense in itself. I know I've mentioned it before, but I feel like I should feel older. Maybe I feel like I'm too lighthearted for my age? I know I'm no old lady, it's just wild to think I'm in my mid-twenties, a wife, a mama...I think I assumed these incredible blessings would come with responsibility that would encourage me to feel older, but, instead, as I put Jake to sleep I ponder things like "if do not=don't, and it is=it's, why does will not=won't?"

And then there's my amazing hubby. Gary will not only be defending our great country for the third time overseas, he'll be studying for the board, to become promotable, he'll continue to get more responsibility at work/be in charge of more soldiers, and, most importantly, he'll still be the great husband and father he's always been.
Incidentally, I'd rather gouge my eye out with a dull spoon than to even think about him being away from us for so long, but it's something we have to do and it's something that we'll be stronger for having gone through it. I never think it's possible for me to love him more than I do now, but I know I'll be proved wrong, yet again, this year.

If for no other reason, I know this year will be great because I have a husband and son who have made me happier than I've ever known possible. 2009 was an awesome year, so let's top it, 2010!

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