Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just call us The Flintsones

Gary came home today with more info about the looming Afghanistan deployment. Unfortunately, none of it is good news.
From what he hears (and we all know how reliable hearsay is!), his unit is being placed into a part of Afghanistan that hasn't been occupied before. SUPER. Apparently, they're plowing for his unit's arrival. This includes him staying in tents the entire deployment, as opposed to the trailers of the two previous tours. They won't have internet---this is the current status, but, hopefully, they'll have access to internet at some point during the 12 months---or phones.

The Army is tossing us back into the Stone Age.

So, I ask "Are we basically going to be communicating through letters?" Gary responds "Basically. Hopefully not. But, I'd count on it for a while"
In my attempt to only use my *special* words when I really really need to, I draw my inspiration from Scrubs and think: FRICK FRICK FRICK

There's much worse news, but I don't know if it's something to be made public.

I just can't even stand, correction: WE can't even stand to think about being apart. Now, with little Jake, it makes us sick to our stomachs to think about not spending all our time together. I've had friends who've had husbands in Special Forces and there are times when they go home and are completely unaware that their husbands will not be coming home that night, the next night, maybe for the next 4 months' worth of nights. I remember telling one of my friends, Rebecca, that I feel bad for ever complaining about Gary being deployed when she can't know when her husband is coming or going. Being the sweetheart she was, she says "No no no. Just because my husband has that schedule doesn't mean it makes your situation any easier" Man, I miss her understanding. People like that are something else.

I know God is watching over us. Just like the other day when I was THISCLOSE to bringing Jake with me to run a few errands and I was nearly rear-ended. ***on a side note about that story--my friend Cristal was at the same intersection, basically in the same situation, but she was actually rear-ended. Her and her friend made a run to pick up a few things and persuaded her friends husband to watch all their kids; they almost brought them. THANK GOD because, when they were hit, the entire back end of their car was smashed in. Praise God*** I know God will watch out for us, and we can handle anything together, but sometimes knowledge is a real b&#@h.

Ok, so many, many veterans haven't had access to any of the incredible technology of today. And, we are grateful to them, and in awe of them. But, to our credit, in this situation it's very difficult to go backward in communication. We had visions of Skyping, and trading emails when necessary. He was excited to check out our blog to be filled in on all the things I forget to relay to him on the phone, or on the webcam, due to my massive excitement at seeing him.

It is what it is. I'm not one to stew over something that can't be changed. I'm of the "suck it up" line of thinking, but I feel I don't have to suck just yet. I have the luxury of having the hubs here so that we can cry together and find a way to make this as easy as possible. Then, it'll be time for him to leave and that's when I'll do my major inhaling. That's when I'll bump up yoga to twice a day. That's when Gary and I will both be getting carpal tunnel.

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