Sunday, January 31, 2010

This is what life has been like around here lately. Jake has hit what I've heard referred to as the "four month wakeful". It's basically where your tot tries to see if they can turn you into a zombie mess.

OK, but really what's going on is that babies at this age are hitting big cognitive developments & that is what's encouraging them to go on a sleep hiatus; they want to know what's going on around them AT ALL TIMES.

Here's a rundown of Jake's normal schedule so that you can all feel for me...
5-6am: Wake up, feeding, diaper change
7:30-8am: Back asleep for 3-4 hours
10:30-11ish am: Wakes & feeds
12:30pm: Feeding, followed by 30-45 min catnap
2:30pm: Feeding
3:30-4pm: Back asleep
5:30-6pm: Feeding
8pm: Head upstairs for bedtime-diaper change, feeding, rocked to sleep, then crib by 9pm

Obviously, I didn't include all the aspects of our day, this is just for comparison's sake

Here's Jake's schedule for about the past week..
3:30-4am: Wake up & feed
5ish am: Back to sleep... "sleep" meaning a solid hour of actual sleep followed by the other 1.5 hours being characterized by fussing in his sleep about every 20 minutes until he's ready to eat again. Hell on me because his morning nap is taken in his swing, so I sleep on the couch to be close to him.
7-7:30am: Wakes & feeds
10:30am: Feeds & naps for about an hour
12:30pm: Feeds
1:30pm: naps
3:30pm: Feeds
5:30pm: Feeds
8pm: Head upstairs for nighttime ritual
9:15: Fusses
9:45: Fusses
10:30: Fusses

Gary has been amazing about helping me. I try to handle things on my own since he has work & PT, but I've really needed his shoulder & he obliges... THANK GOD. I've just been feeling so irritated because Jake sleeps like a champ. You can set a clock by his routine. But this is going to be that trying month. As in, I'll try to not go crazy from no sleep. But, I guess, technically he is still sleeping through the night. But, I think the technicalities can kiss my hiney.

We had such a beautiful thing going, too. When he'd wake up at 5-6am, he'd feed, I'd change his diaper, put him in the swing AWAKE, & then I'd go upstairs & clean up a bit; make the beds, put stuff away from the previous night's bath time, balance the checkbook & about 20 minutes later when I went back downstairs for breakfast, he'd be out. Ahhh, that just reminded me...before this past week he was putting himself to sleep on his own during the day. :::cries::: seems like a distant memory.

Gary & I have talked about any possible changes we can make. Start bedtime ritual later? Wake him up from naps during the day? Let him cry it out at night? & we've come up with No, No, & No. Our bedtime ritual is solid, especially the 3 nights a week he gets a bath..LOVE IT. We're just going to suck it up & get through this month. He needs his sleep during the day, the only time I wake him up is to make sure he gets his 6 meals in a day. & we don't feel it necessary to let him cry it out. When my Mary Poppins mama guided me on how to get Jake to sleep in his crib when he was about a month old, I did let him cry it out, partially. I knew he was only crying because his crib was a new place, but he had to get used to it. So, I'd go in there & use my soothing voice, rub his belly, pick him up if I deemed it necessary. I felt awful, but I knew I was doing what was right for him. But it worked after like 2 days of that. Then, he was sleeping through the night at 2 1/2 months!!!!! VICTORY!! Crying it out right now just isn't something that needs to be done, in our opinion. This behavior is typical of the month he's in, not like a new habit, so we're going to help him through it & it'll pass.

The hard part is, when I'm feeding him around 3:30am, & wondering what I've done to deserve such torture, he stops, looks up at me from the Boppy, & gives me his megawatt smile. MELTS. MY. HEART. I tell Gary it's so hard because I know he's not doing it to punish me, or to be a turd, it's just what his body/brain are going through, that I love him to pieces & that smile just slays me, but I want sleep!!!!

Can't I just make a deal with the devil to feel contractions every now & again and have my handsome son's fabulous schedule back???

I will get through this month, I will get through this month, I will get through this month....

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