Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One year ago today, our life changed forever

One year ago today, we found out that I was pregnant with sweet little Baby Jake. It was the best, most exciting, most perfect news we've ever gotten as a married couple.

I had been on the pill for 3 years. Almost 3 years to the day, actually. We had come home from visiting my parents in California for Christmas. I don't remember what happened there that started us talking about having kids, but we covered every single aspect of that topic, from both sides.

We could not come up with a decision. So, after the new year, & Gary was back at work, he came home for lunch one day & I came up with what I thought would help us come to a decision. I was making his lunch, tuna melt I think, & said "OK, what if we do this: I'm supposed to start my new month of the pill on January 8th, what if we go off the pill from January 8th to February 8th & see what happens? Statistically this shouldn't work, but let's let God take us where we need to be" I leaned against the counter & watched every muscle of his face to see if I could guess his reaction before he said it. After what seemed like a day and a half, he said "Let's do it!"
I remember needing to catch my breath.

After about a week of trying, we were sitting in our spare room & I was looking at this enormous calendar I had where I wrote all the stuff I had going on for school. All of a sudden, it dawned on me; I had counted my cycle wrong. Gary & I just stared at each other. That was devastation because our deal was to try for one month because we wanted to have time to have the entire pregnancy & have at least a few months of being together as a little family before he was to deploy in 2010.

Come to Sunday, February 1st. This day was the day I was to start my period. We were, again, in the spare room (why did we hang out in there so much??) & I looked at him & said "I bet I'm pregnant" He said "Really?!" I just nodded. Something in me knew something. There are some things you just know. And, I knew.

It was the next day, Monday. Before I left for my day, I had joked with myself that if I heard that song "I saw God today" by George Strait that would mean I was pregnant. I got in the car to head off & the first song I heard was "I saw God today". I turned the station when the song was over, and I heard that song again.

I had to work ("work" hah...I sat at a computer lab on campus, before I had to go to my class, & refilled the paper tray of a printer) before my afternoon class & was looking up every pregnancy quiz on the internet to tell me I was, indeed, pregnant. Obviously, I didn't believe some quiz would tell me if I was or not, but it was all part of the excitement.

I sat at that computer, the day after I was supposed to start my period--which I am NEVER late for thanks to the pill--& was feeling nasty cramps. Needless to say, it ruined my day. All I could think was "Here comes my period. FRICK!"

But, then I got some news to bring up my day, slightly. My class was canceled. So I took my unhappy, cramping self out to the car & was set to come home. Gary had the day off, for whatever reason I can't remember, & was waiting for me at home but didn't expect me for a few hours. I decided to stop by Target to pick up a few things I needed that would be a part of my master plan if I were to find out I was pregnant because, along with finding those pregnancy quizzes, I looked up creative ways to tell your husband you're pregnant. But, I would have bet my life on the fact that my period was starting.

I pick up my items, one of them being a pregnancy test, & head home. I left the items in the car, just in case, & go inside to greet my husband & have a test confirm the ugly truth. So, I sat, took the test, & laid it on the counter next to me. I was watching the test line show up & waiting for my negative result. A split second later I looked back the at test & saw the "+" showing up. I was nothing short of elated! I was pregnant!!! Miscalculations & statistics, be damned! Fertile Mertile!!! We made our dream come true! I was pregnant!!!!! I got up & did the quietest dance ever. I was in the bathroom upstairs...I had to dance like I was a mouse. But dance I did. Tom Cruise in his undies had nothing on me.

The hard part was next. I had to control every urge in my body to not float downstairs & scream "I'M PREGNANT I'M PREGNANT I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I come out of the bathroom & use the same deflated voice I used to greet him when I first came home & said "I'm going to change. Be right down"

I sneak off to the spare room (what is with this room?!?) & get my box of holiday decorations out, which included ribbon. I was wearing an empire waisted shirt that day, so I tied the red ribbon around my waist & put my shirt back down. But, wait! I had to get those Target items out of the car! I had already told him there were things in the car I didn't want him to see, but I think he thought I bought him a gift or something. I get the items, come back in, & head upstairs. No worries, I made small talk with him & use my sad voice. He was none the wiser.

I put the bag of items on our bed & go on the computer. I asked if he could come upstairs to double check the gift I wanted to send my parents to tell them I was pregnant. He leans over me to look at the screen, confirms it, & then I ask him to go into our room & look in the bag because I got him a shirt & I wanted to make sure he liked it. He turns the corner to go into our room & I sashay across the room like I was a cat burglar. He goes "Hey...Am I supposed to see this?!" As he asks, he turns around & sees me with my shirt pulled, displaying the ribbon. "Congratulations, Daddy"

His eyes immediately fill with tears. We're both speechless, but we hugged like we never hugged before. Then, we just stared at each other. We were pregnant. We were to be parents. Our efforts paid off! Then, he went down, eye level, with my belly. He rubbed it, kissed it, & whispered "I love you"

He still had the bag of goodies to look at! He saw that they were baby things, but didn't get a good look at them. He opens the bag to see booties, a hooded towel, a set of beanies, and the positive pregnancy test at the bottom. His eyes were flooded once again.

We stood in the middle of our bedroom & just hugged. We had created our teeny first child.

The test that changed our lives. It was the first of 3 I'd eventually take!

Picture we took before bed that night. Had to start marking this pregnancy right away!

We took this right after he found out. We were headed to Walmart to look at baby stuff, get a baby book, & pick up the cards to send to our baby's uncles!!

And, finally, the song that kicked off that great day & will never be forgotten

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