Monday, February 22, 2010

Our big boy's first photo shoot!!

Oh, how the time passes! Jake used to be this teeny little guy & now he talks nonstop, is trying so hard to crawl that he lets out these little grunts (!!!), & is putting himself to sleep at nap time. He's just so incredible!! And, for your viewing pleasure, I have proof!So safe in Daddy's arms

I feel like this is how we spend the majority of each day, so it had to be a photo!

I cannot get enough of that smile!

Our first professional family photo. I'll always treasure this

I had to read the baby books purty carefully, but I'm nearly positive this shot is a requirement to become a toddler!

I love a squishy tushy!
And, just an FYI, the red mark on his back is strawberry hemangioma. No biggie, just a cluster of blood vessels. It'll go away with time!

No one can deny the love in his eyes

And, for the grand finale, a compare & contrast...

Yes, his hair looks red in the Dodger track suit he lovingly dons for his grandpa, but it's not. I'll roll the dice here & claim that since I see his beautiful dome every day that I *MAY* in fact know what color his hair is! Blows me away that people actually argue this point with me! Millie, my mama, any brother o'mine...please back up that his hair is not red in person!!! He has some newbie skin atop his gorgeous head that hasn't flaked off yet & that is what tints his hair red in pics sometimes. But, you can clearly see on the right that his hair is dirty is mine!

Anywho...we were wondering what we could do for grandpa, to make a pic that would speak to him (more than these already do!). True Blue was the way to go! Oh, & old man...Jake wants his steak!!

& we had to include one of the people who brought J-Bone into this world. The two people who love him most. I have a big, puffy heart for photographs; I'm already planning our 6 month session, which is sooo close! I can't believe it! We're even beginning talks of his first birthday party in CA at the end of August. Yes, I am super thrilled, but we're getting started early for flights & stuff...I'm not crazy! ;)

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