Monday, February 22, 2010

The parent-child connection

When we got home yesterday little man was still asleep. Oh, how he loves his carseat! So, we let him sleep until he wanted to wake up to eat & Gary went out to pick up some Subway for dinner. But, it was almost like something magical happened when Jake finished eating. He's always loved to have a big, dimply smile when switching sides & when he's finished completely. Apparently, it's just a fun-loving time! But, there was something in the air after his meal. It was something you could tell we were both feeling. I picked him up & we just looked at each other. It was a moment that makes me turn into mush to think about. He was just looking at me like he was in love with me. It was the best feeling. It was one of those feelings you have that let's you know the world is just as it should be.

The post following this one I wrote because people just bewilder me sometimes & it just felt good to get it off my chest. It felt good to know that I can have those moments, which are few & far between-thank the Lord, where I wonder if people lacking social skills are slowly taking over the planet like a hoard of vengeful zombies, & come back to reality. A reality where my husband, my son, my family & friends are the best I could ever hope for. Inevitably, we'll all run into people who act like we're the ones who shoved their undies up their tush, but I'm so thankful those times are the exception & not the rule.

This is what Jake erased for me. He erased that I EVER encountered someone who is not as happy as we are. He looked at me with those big, blue eyes & assured me it's OK for me to keep finding the good in people. This amazing little boy looked right into my soul. I sincerely hope every parent gets a chance to feel this way.

I had to mark this occasion. I had to immortalize this moment. So, I took to our camera. I wasn't thrilled to have pics after a long day where I'd already had enough of my bangs & was just bumming it, but I was so happy to get pics of mine & my little boy's moment. He was hamming it up for the camera & I was being goofy to get him to laugh. It was a perfect moment:
And the, Gary got home & we all shared in the love....while Jake threw out his best Zoolander impression! You're right, Weeks (sorry, you know the Army "makes" me call you that ;) ! )..Blue Steel all the way!
And, one last thing. Can I please not the EXTREME cuteness of his little ensemble?? I big, puffy heart Old Navy!

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