Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some things I love

I've been thinking about some of the things that make my heart swell, ya know, in that way the Grinch's heart did when he finally came to his senses? Well, here are my blessings, the pieces of my heart, the things I live for every day.....in no particular order

1) I love that Jake gets soo excited when he hasn't seen me for a few minutes. When I set him in his swing, or his bouncy seat, & run around collecting laundry, or just cleaning up, then I go back to him & he gets the biggest, dimpliest (yes...I'm using that as an actual word) smile on his face then squeals & starts kicking his feet. <3 <3 <3 He likes me, he really likes me!

2) I love that Gary takes Jake after work, even when I don't need him to, & says "Go recharge your batteries". Then, I get a kiss, a hug, & a slap on the tush...which I'm sure is only to give me that running start ;)

3) I love the way romance has changed. We've always been an affectionate couple, but had that balance where we show our affection, but don't need to go balls to the wall with gifts on Valentines. I love that I find it so romantic when he comes in with Jake & "checks on mama" when I'm making dinner; when he asks how he can help when I'm doing my daily chores; how cuddling up to a NETFLIX (!!!!!) movie when our little nugget is in bed for the night is Heaven.

4) I love the way Jake & Gary interact. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Gary was a closet baby person. We talk about it all the time how he didn't know he was a baby person 'til he had one. His love for that little boy makes my love for him grow exponentially.

5) I love how Gary places Jake & myself above everything else. He is our protector, & would never let anything get to us.

6) I love how Gary constantly tells us what we mean to him

7) I love how Jake concentrates when he sits up straight to bend down & grab his tootsies

8) I love how Jake bites me when he's feeding & then looks up with that grin because of how I reacted

9) I love how we can hear Jake talking to his toys that hang down from his carseat. That giraffe & monkey have no idea how lucky they are!

10) I love that Hershey comes up & licks all over Jake's forehead

11) I love how when Jake is having his forehead swallowed by a 95 lb lab, he just sits there & looks at him

12) I love the little grunts Jake makes when he's on his belly & trying to crawl. He's working so hard!

13) I love that Gary sits in Jake's room & talks with me as I booby-feed him & rock him to sleep

14) I love how Gary talks about having more babies

15) I love that pregnancy & breastfeeding was/is a built-in boob job

16) I love that after nearly 8 years together, & having our firstborn son, that Gary & I are closer & more in love than we ever thought possible

These are some of the reasons I wake up each morning with a smile on my face. I'm so blessed to have these two men in my life. I could not be more thankful than I am at this moment (or so I claim right now).
.....I'm also thankful that we're seeing our first movie, in theater, in almost a year today! Hey...I was so comfy in movie theaters while I was knocked up that I fell asleep. I'm not paying $6.25 for a nap!

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