Sunday, February 14, 2010

The sweetest, most beautiful sound


Being able to watch this firsthand made me fall in love with these two men even more.

Jake had always done the partial-laugh; he'd let out a few super excited coo's, but never let out a full laugh. But, tonight our little man had full-blown laughter that made me attempt to hold back tears as I stood in the background & caught it on camera. These are the moments that will keep Gary warm in Afghanistan, and I'm so thankful we were all together to enjoy it!

And, to think, just a couple weeks ago I was sure the apocalypse was coming. Jake didn't want to take a reliable nap during the day, would wake up around 2:30-3am, & left me feeling like a zombie. I was sure it'd go on forever, but it only lasted about a week. LONGEST.WEEK.EVER.

Gary & I kept reminding each other that it was something he was going through &, as hard as it was on us, he needed help because he wasn't understanding the growth spurt/teething frenzy that was going on. But, seriously, it's hard to stay that strong when you've seen the 'Snuggi' & 'Your Baby Can Read' infomercials enough that you can recite them.

But, WE MADE IT! :::shakes fanny:::

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