Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crunching the Numbers

Every now & again, I'll look at how we spend our money to make sure we're not going to be poor because we didn't realize we went to Starbucks for the 83rd time this week. So far, things seem to be going well. We're not Nazis about our money, but we keep it relatively in control. Here's me patting us on the back :::pat pat pat::: I had a long day & may throw myself a fiesta should I find I did the slightest thing right. You've been warned.

When we moved to our current house, a month ago already!, we had an appointment to have Direct TV installed. We'd had Direct TV since April or May of 2007, so we had no desire to get rid of it. But, when the tech came & showed us that the only way to run the line was along the floor, we called an audible. We have a child who could be crawling tomorrow with how much effort he puts in during tummy time, so we don't want to run electricity as his speed bump!

So, after pricing some other companies & finding out they're more expensive than Direct was, we decided we'd see how only having Netflix went. We fell in love the first night. Not only do we get to catch up on movies & shows, but we never have to trot down to Blockbuster again, & (this is a big one...!) things aren't so centered around TV. We weren't TV addicts, but it is nice to not *need* it on all the time. And, my grand finale for my love-of-Netflix rant::: we save $668.88 a year!!! Can you believe we've been spending almost $700/year on TV?? That should be a sin.

About a half hour ago, I was putting Jake to bed & thinking of other ways to save. We're doing pretty well; use coupons, buy generics on certain things, eat meals at home for the most part, but I got to thinking if there are ways we can save regarding Jake. I'm breastfeeding, so that's a huge savings. I remember when we tried to find a way around buying the $300 Medela breast pump last October. But, that thing is a God-send, & one of the things I'll add should I go through with blogging about my personal baby must-haves (for pregos that are looking for tips). Anyway, I figured people spend roughly that on a month and a half of formula, so we're making headway there. Cloth diapers? Hell to the no. I'm not even going to deal with that. Skipping baby clothing sales? I'm the little engine that could on that front. I do well, for the most part. But, our little man is sooo cute & I have to dress him as such!! Plus, I think there's a whole wing at Old Navy Corporate dedicated to satisfying my baby-clothing addiction. Who am I to disappoint??
In reality, I do really well with that. I'll pick up something here and there, but I think I fight my urges pretty well

:::pat pat pat:::

In the next couple weeks, when Gary gets home, Jake will be starting solids!!!! His first entree is set to be rice cereal. I don't think there's a way for me to make that (Sarah, I swear to God if you email me a way to make that I'm no longer friends with you), but I will be making his other baby food when he graduates from that. There's a farmer's market I can get my ingredients from & an organic market that will be getting plenty of business from this mama! Both are in Nashville, so it'll be nice little excursions (hopefully in new wheels!) for me & my boy when Gary's deployed.

Other than these things, I can't think of many other ways to cut back. We utilize Sam's Club (we bought toilet paper & paper towels from there like a month ago. Seriously, our laundry room is a y2k closet for paper goods now) & the commissary for good deals, but we're open to suggestions!

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Sarah is resisting forwarding you all the recipes for cereal she has bookmarked. Ha ha.