Saturday, March 6, 2010

I have a lazy child

but I love him anyway!

Technically, Jake has not rolled over yet. Technicalities aside, Jake has rolled over.

But, since I have no desire to be the mama that fudges the truth to say her kid did something..Jake has not rolled over. He's so funny because we'll be laying on the bed together & he almost taunts me. I know he can do it, but he looks at me like he's keeping me lingering. He'll roll toward me, completely on his side, then flop back & have the biggest smile on his face. My kid is effing with me & he's not even a teenager yet!

Other times, he'll use his determined face, and then I know it's on. He'll get up on his side, then he'll use his teeny abs & get to where he's practically flat on his belly, but that one arm is in the way! He just hangs in limbo for a while & then goes back. Foiled again! Before Gary left, he'd be doing this & I'm screaming, in a whisper--so as to not distract him-- " oh my God. oh my God. oh my God..."I swear it goes on that way for like 15 minutes before I realize it ain't happenin'

His strength is never the issue, I honestly think he has 0 desire to be a roller as of yet! Oh well, it'll happen eventually. Until then, he's going to flash me that million dollar, toothless smile, then flop back to his backside:

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