Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"I wish I had a camera...."

Today was one of the best days yet...I wonder if it has something to do with Gary coming home tomorrow morning?? (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Nah... ;)

This morning started out as a FML morning. Jake woke up all smiles and rainbows, took his morning nap no problemo, I ran around and cleaned up, checked the oil for our trip to Nashville, double checked the diaper bag. Check check and check. All systems were go.

As J was napping, I got in the shower. As I'm showering with glorious lava-hot water, all of a sudden the water stops. THEN, it will only come out for me to take a bath, and ICE COLD. Whiskey. tango. foxtrot. I'm twisting and pulling...and praying. After 20 minutes, I see nothing is working. I was pleading with the shower gods because Jake was going to be waking up soon and I really just wanted to be able to get stuff done so we could get over to Nashville. He has no problem sitting in his bouncy seat as I get ready, but it splits my focus!

So, after sitting on the floor of the shower, in an adult tantrum and conditioner still in my hair, I decide to give the shower a second to work out whatever vendetta it had against me. As soon as I sit down at the desk, Jake wakes up and he's uber hungry. All I wanted was to get ready, on a b-e-a-utiful morning, in the cute dress I wanted to wear, go out with my favorite infant, and pick up everything we need to see Gary tomorrow! Instead, I left hours later, while marinating.

Thankfully, the shower graced me with water after Jake's mid-morning snack and we were on our way.

The dress I wore today was so cute. I picked it out all special for when Gary was coming home on leave in '08 (although the Army does blow sometimes, we real life Army Wives do get those ultra-exciting, plan-out-what-you're-wearing-for-weeks-before, dramatic -seeing-your-soldier-step-off-the-plane moments!), it's one of my favorite dresses EVAH. Totally, a '50s throwback, but modern...the Gigi's girl couldn't get over how cute it was :) It was one of those days where I was feeling cute, mentally stoked, and taking care of bitness for Gary's return. I was a force to be reckoned with.

And, everywhere we went, people were totally all Pleasantville. People were starting up conversations with me while picking out cupcakes at Gigi's, the Starbucks guy made it his life's mission to pick out my perfect drink--they had the nerve to be out of Green Tea!--, people were letting me go ahead of them in line...I swear I didn't know what to do with myself!

We picked up Gigi's---Gary's never had those cupcakes before...hope he's ready for a sugar high!--- came home to drop them off and top off Jake, then headed to the commissary for a few groceries. Jake's never been there, so he was super excited to see a new place. He would not stop talking the entire time we were there! People probably thought I was crazy because I was laughing pretty much nonstop listening to my boy.

We were in one aisle when this old man approaches me and touches my arm. I smile at him because he's a grandpa--how can you not smile at a little old man??-- and he says "I wish I had a camera because I'd take a picture of you" I just smiled because I'm not really sure what to say and he continues "Watching you play with your little one was just so beautiful. It was great to see you like that" I said "Aww, that's so nice. Thank you!" and we parted ways. He probably has no idea what a compliment like that did for me. I just thought I was playing with my little man, I didn't think of what it would look like from the outside. I wish he did have a camera!

That's all I have to say about one great day. Now, I have other thoughts...

I made sure to bring coupons with me for the few things I was picking up at the commissary. One of the coupons was for Gerber organic purees. I am still making Jake's baby food, but since I'm not going to get the organic fruits/veggies til next week, I thought I'd give it a try since I had the coupon and all. Oh, I did pick up some green beans and 'nanas to make baby food, but I don't have to do anything but mash the bananas, so I had to get one thing that needs making! Anyway, those Gerber purees are .95 each! You only get like a serving and a half, maybe two. I'm so relieved we won't be buying that food!

I'll make sure to post pics of me all June Cleaver like, in the kitchen, making the baby grub

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