Monday, March 1, 2010

In search of the perfect Mama Mobile

(My goal is to get through's only a month, right? So, I'm surrounded by playdate dates & picking our perfect car to keep busy :::chants::: he will be back in one month, he will be back in one month...)

We're back into looking for a car, &, O.EM.G., it excites me!! Right before we found out we were going to have our beautiful boy (December '08), we decided we wanted to buy a car. So, in my true school-girl-fashion, I do all my research, settle on the financing with USAA (fyi---they're amazing! Not only do they tell you what dealers to go to for the best price, you get anywhere from $1,500-$4,000 off sticker just for being a member!), & head to Toyota of Hopkinsville. I had my heart set on an '09 Toyota Corolla sport. I had all the add-ons, & my how beautiful it was! Gary loved the car, too, but I have a sneaking suspicion he would have let me buy a pink Hummer if I wanted it--he's the best. What a mighty fine maaaaannnn!!!

I had read a bunch of car buying tips, &, as luck would have it, got a booklet from USAA on all the ins & outs of carbuying. One of the tips was to not let the salesman know how much you love the car; that'll screw with your negotiations. I say "Nay!" I don't think you have to hide the fact you love a car. I certainly didn't. I was borderline giddy at the dealership, especially when we took it for a test drive & it was so smooth it felt like we were floating (lamesauce...I'm aware). But, I'm also an intelligent girl. I never hid my love of the Corolla, but we did go in there with a game plan. We were going to pay one price, & one price only. From that booklet, I also learned how much a price is jacked up in relation to what the salesman makes off the car. We weren't going to make his next two months worth of mortgage payments because he thought he could take a couple kids for a ride. Not today, son.

So, we get back from our test drive & settle into his office. Gary says "So, what are you going to do for us?" We were in the driver's seat (lame pun...again, I'm aware); we knew how much the car was marked up, we knew the state of the economy, we knew what dealerships were going through. He tried to eyeball me, from across the desk, when he gave out numbers & percentages, as if I couldn't do math in my head. C'mon now! He was kind of a douche. & we never told him about the $1,000 we were going to put down. We told him we had a down payment, but not the amount. We didn't want him to be good to us because of that. He should treat us right for the sake of treating us right...or at least play like that was the case.

It came down to a final number. We asked for some time to talk, came up with a number we would not pay more than, & asked him to come back. He said he "had to talk to his boss". You could see the disappointment in his face that we had a great time when we first got there, but sat in his office to do business. When he came back with a price much higher than what we said, we thanked him for his time & took off. He never called us, which my friend Cristal said was weird & that we must have really bruised his ego. Point: LaMay Family!

This time around, we have practicality in mind because we're buying with Jake in mind, instead of just for funsies. We're looking at the Toyota 4runner, Toyota Highlander, Dodge Journey, & Dodge Nitro. I'm over the moon for the 4runner & Nitro, but we can't settle on anything 'til we have a test drive. So, we're going to go dealership hopping once G unit gets back! I really cannot wait!! I'll have all my homework done, again!, & will go in there knowing exactly how to handle things. Plus, on top of dealer incentives, we'll get military cash allowance, & recent college graduate incentives (Ok, I graduated a whole year ago...but that's relatively recent!), we'll be getting a smashing good deal!

Wish us luck!

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The Mother said...

Just my $0.02- Highlander all the way! We love ours to death.

Love the new layout, too!