Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've been busy

Right before Gary left, I was exposed to the addictive art of blanket making. Needless to say, I'd have to wear long sleeves to hide my obsession. It passed the time really well & you didn't have to wait long to enjoy the results. Here's how I spent the first few days of Gary being gone:

(Kevin & Casey, I'm so sorry that the post office has failed us. I was really hoping to get your stuff to you :( Hope you would have like it, though:) )

A baby blanket for Jake :)
Another blanket for Jake, to enjoy as a young boy

One for our friends' newborn. Made for baby girl Jovie Wilkinson

One for Uncle Kevin's girlfriend, Casey. Hope you enjoy it, girly!

And, last but not least, one for Uncle Kev. Can you guess what one of his favorite teams is??
Apparently, I have a desire to spread warmth

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