Monday, March 15, 2010

Motherhood, you're silly

In a month and a half, it'll be one year since I've graduated. Holy crap...what a year brings.

I used to have stacks upon stacks of textbooks, now I have stacks upon stacks of diapers. I used to concern myself with the latest Dr. Hock exam, now I concern myself with making sure my son is warm, fed & happy. I used to think graduation would never come, now I think time is passing too quickly.

As I put Jake to bed tonight, I was thinking about my to-do list. But, what's weird are that my to-do lists now don't always require me to get out of jammies! Before, my to-do lists basically read:

"Dr. Hock said his class is equivalent to a grad school class. Don't study & you've failed life"

Yah, I was hard on myself (::cough cough:: got an A, btw ::cough cough::: ;) )!! The thing about Mama to-do lists is that you're answering to yourself ( & those you care for, but that goes in another direction..). In college, I'd study my hiney off, so that I would be able to keep grad school an option, and would await the professor's decision. But, how I'm doing now is up to my own standards.

Tomorrow, one of my to-do's is to decide between 2 different photogs for Jake's 6 month photos.

:::pause for breakdown:::
6 MONTHS. HALF A YEAR. what-the eff-ever.

My plan is to get Jake's pictures at 6 months, then again at 1 year. I'm a regular pioneer on that idea, right?! If I were to not make the appointment, there's not letter grade coming to stare at me in red ink at the top of an exam. Instead, I'd look back when he's 10 & we're going through all his baby pictures & give myself a tiny kick to the tush for never getting it done. So, I'll make the call tomorrow, be excited that I have discounts to use, and the universe may remain intact (~~Oh, Lord...I am a mama!)

For me, I feel like my to-do's now are more significant. If I were to ever have done badly in a class, I'd just make it up. But, now it's all about time. If I don't capture now what I want to capture I won't get that second chance. Talk about pressure! :) I love it. I love every part of it.

Hey, I've got a whiteboard & sticky notes, I got this!

Bring it, Motherhood.

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