Monday, March 15, 2010

My Baby Must-Haves

So, I've been thinking about things I wish we'd known about from the get-go to make life simpler with a newborn. I thought up this list in like 10 minutes, but I figured that's OK because whatever made the list is something super significant to us. I'm hoping this helps mamas of super fresh tots, & those still baking theirs, even people just thinking of shower gifts.

I didn't include things like onesies, receiving blankets, etc., those are obvious. I included things that we feel are God's gifts to parents. In no particular order...
This mobile/sound machine is a recent purchase for us. When we were accumulating what we thought we needed, before Jake arrived, I had no desire for a mobile. Cribs are for sleeping. Well, we still don't use the mobile. I got this for the sound machine aspect. At home, Jake takes his best naps in his swing, but he only has about 10 more lbs to go in there, so I'd like to start making the transition, before it gets down to crunch time. He doesn't like to lay flat on his back during naps, so I'm slowly integrating this during the bedtime ritual & will then start to use it during the day to get him to nap in his crib. Tonight, I put J in his bed, with the nature sounds on, awake but sleepy & left. He, literally, fell asleep with a smile on his face!!
Fisher-price projection mobile at Babies R Us--$49.99

Ahh, Sophie. Hands down, our..I mean Jake's... FAVORITE teether. I swear, it seems like Jake's been teething since the day he was born. This is the only teether he can manipulate to get quality suction. Even now, with his ever advancing motor skills, this is still the best & his favorite! Soo worth the $22 spent on Amazon
The price for Medela brand products seem like highway robbery, but, in our opinion, soo worth it. It's a one time payment, as opposed to formula, for those looking to increase their supply (which I did) & allow others to feed baby for you. It's a quality product. We thought we could get away with a single hand pump at first. No. effing. way. We spent $50 just to toss it out because it was sooo much work. We got ours at Babies R Us for $280, plus a protection plan, & I've used it countless times & will save it for our next babe!
Doesn't this picture just scream sex appeal?? Nipple shields are so freakin' awesome. Not only do breastfeeding mamas get to avoid much of the fun that comes from nursing, but I really think this is what allows Jake to go from straight from the tap to bottle feeding with incredible ease. So cheap at Target.
BEST.SWING.EVER. Totally adorable, & about as comfy as they come--gauging Jake's reaction of course. We had this swing but the motor died. Plus, not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as this one! Jake just loves it! He takes 2 hour naps in it!
Found this on Amazon for much cheaper than in stores

Jake is a very social baby. So, when he'd be screaming, as a newborn, in the backseat, all I could say was we need something to distract him! This works! Now, he plays with it, instead of it being simply a distraction. I can't describe the overflow of my heart when I hear him talking to it in the backseat :)

Baby legs... or assless chaps as Jake's uncles lovingly refer to them!! They're SO convenient. You don't have to worry about snapping/unsnapping anything but the onesie & you're good to go! They come in great prints, too. They can be found at, & many other sites, but I've never seen them in actual stores

Cristal is the one that told me to register for a travel system, & I'm so glad she did! I can't say how many times we've been out & Jake conks out in the backseat (almost every single time, actually!), & all we have to do is bring him inside in the carrier and set him down until he wakes up. LOVE.
Babies R Us

Jake was not so much a fan of the bouncy/vibrating seat at first. Now, he's in love. He can reach the hanging toys, & enjoys the music. Sometimes, when I have to shower & he's not asleep, I'll put him in that & bring him in the bathroom & I can hear him having a grand ol time...until I talk to him from behind the shower curtain & he thinks I'm Oz or something...

This site is so great for inexpensive slings. I do wish they had more colors/patterns to choose from, but this sling saved me when Jake was just born. Gary had gone to training in another state for 2 weeks & I couldn't do anything because I had yet to really understand what our little man was trying to tell me. This saved me! I'd put him in it & make dinner, clean up around the house, go on walks...just whatever. It kept my sanity when I was wondering if I'd ever be able to do anything but hold Jake. Love it!

When we were setting up our layette (check me out!), it was suggested we get sleep sacks. We never used them. I think the assless chaps are a much better way to ease early morning diaper changes. Plus, I feel like the sacks aren't warm enough because nothing is actually on their legs, just kind of surrounding them. I feel like anything (relative term) other than regular jammies are kind of ploy to excited, pregnant women!

This stuff saves lives.

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