Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Na na na na na na na na

MA-MA (mobile) !!!! You were supposed to be thinking of the Batman theme...

We bought our first car!!!! & it's a beauty! Plus, it's freakin' huge! And, I totally love all its little secret storage; in the floorboards, the dash etc...it even has a cooler to keep drinks cool in the dash, right above the glove compartment! So, I can know that I can pump a few bottles worth and not have the southern summer heat turn it into eggnog!

Yep, this is our virgin adventure into the realm of car buying, but I'd still proclaim we got the best deal evah! We saved serious dough. We got so much more in add-ons than we had intended and still saved a buttload of cash. How you ask? No effin' clue. I had all our paperwork ready to go, what markups were around, what other people were really paying for that car, etc, and that price still came in considerably lower than what we planned. Suck it, MSRP.

Our salesman was a nice, old guy who said what I sorta expect all salesman to say, in one form or another, "how can I help you?" He lacked the major douchiness of the Toyota salesman from a while back. His only drawback: his voice. Ya know Josh Turner, right? Well, his voice was about 2,348,908 decibels deeper than his. Jake was in the stroller, with the little shade thing over him, and did that little scared cry as soon as the salesman started talking. My poor little guy!
One of the first extras that come to mind is the free year of Sirius. Soo excited about that! I don't know if that's a standard thing when buying a car now, but I call it an "extra" because it's not something we went in there shooting for. I LOVE listening to all the comics on there! I'm also sooo in love with how much higher we are off the ground. Don't get me wrong, I have a special place in my heart for that Dodge Neon, but it wasn't the safest vehicle for a wee tot. Our new car (!!!!) has so much space! I feel like I'm swimmin' in the front seat!

It's also the teeny things I love, just because they have a new car smell on them: the sunglasses holder up near the rearview mirror, the ipod outlet (pretty sure that's the wrong term!), the radio controls on the steering wheel, the 6 disc, in-dash CD player. H-E double hockey sticks, even the cruise control! :) And, FYI, I'm so very aware that my descriptions are from somewhere down in crapville compared to the beauty that is my ride, but, I assure you, it don't need to be pimped.
2010 Dodge Journey

I love love love that I won't have to break my back doing in-car diaper changes!! I also love that we could rent out the hatchback portion to a small family. Can't wait to grocery shop!

I've just started realizing I did a piss-poor job of taking pictures that showed just how awesome this car is. This looks like the inside of any car :( Oh well. I was just so excited to see it this morning!! I ran out to the garage this morning, after Gary got home from PT, and said "It's still here!!!!" He just laughed. What? I had to make sure it wasn't a dream!
(The plastic is still on the floor because they're removing it when we take it back to get that polysteel stuff on it next week)

I've never seen a key like this! Makes me feel like it's straight out of the Jetson's

I have big plans for this mama mobile! Tomorrow, I'm stretching its legs all the way to Nashville, and may make a run through Illinois just because!

And, can you believe this, fellow Army peeps?---I was "randomly selected" for a vehicle inspection the very first time I was going on post with it!

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