Monday, March 8, 2010

One Fine Day

'member that movie? Ya know, that movie. C'mon, THAT MOVIE.
Just making sure that my 13 year old brother's method of playing Taboo is, in fact, ineffective. Sorry, C-money ;) :::best Stewie impression::: Now, what did you learn??

We've had so many fine days, but I forget to blog about them because I'm off enjoying them!

I do believe I've begun a love affair with Nashville. Jake & I decided to go there this past Friday, & had a great time! It was nice enough to wear my Maxi dress (2 things: LOVE LOVE LOVE Maxi dresses & told you I'd induce Spring!), & Jake was cute as a button as usual! ;)---someone comment & tell me why cuteness is measured by a button??---
We walked around the mall, & hit a sale at OshKosh! I got Jake theee cutest little shorts set, & fought my urge to by up all their merchandise. &, if it weren't for a feeding Jake was patiently awaiting, Carter's would have seen our smiling faces as well. Well played, Hunger...
We spent more time driving to Nashville than we did in the actual city, but it was a nice outing. I got to sing my country all loud & proud, and listen to Jake talk to his carseat animals. It couldn't have been better if Gary was there!

Today, we went back to Nashville. My attempt to make my virgin trip to the Green Hills mall was foiled So, we decided to keep it simple & head to Opry Mills again for a surprise ginormous "cupcake" (aka, life preserver) & walk around the mall. Sarah & her wee one met us there & our little double date was a good time!
When J man & I got home, it was still sooo nice out, so when Jake & I were in the driveway & he was smiling up at the sky, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. We laid a blanket out on the front lawn & played for a while. It was so great. He's incredibly expressive now. He motions for what he wants, picks things up, laughs all the time. It's amazing. I'm in awe of him every day.

But, we'll conquer Green Hills mall on Thursday, & hopefully it'll be nice like today for some more photo ops! Isn't he so beautiful?

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