Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pride of the Mama

This past Christmas, I wrote about how Jake was reacting when his Guncle Kevin called his name. Looking back, I feel kinda dumb because it must have sounded like I was saying Kevin said "Jake Liam" & Jake looked up & was like "Yah, what's up?"! Not was I was going for!

I was going for how incredible it was that Jake responded. Whether it be that he liked an emphasis Kevin used on a certain sound/syllable, or the way Kevin said his name as a whole, it was amazing to me that there was something(s) in words that Jake was acknowledging. A moment he & I had tonight reminded me of just how amazed I really am by him.

Sometime between the last feeding of the day & the bedtime ritual, Jake & I, & when he's here, Gary, go and lay on our bed. We'll lay next to one another & let Jake play, talk, whatever he feels like. Well, tonight little man pulled out all the stops. He was laying in my armpit nook ("armpit" doesn't really give off the warm-fuzzy feel does it?!), somewhere between on his belly & on his side--facing me, & using my arm as a headrest. It had to be 10 minutes of talking from him. He'd touch my shirt & say something. He'd touch my glasses & say something in a different tone. He'd look up at the ceiling light & use yet another tone. I wanted so badly to hold him so close that I'd reabsorb him, but I fought the urge! My end of the conversation was a rotation of "uh huh's", "tell me more's", & "that's a good story's"...anything to show my interest & keep him communicating.

Gary & I fully believe in how perceptive babies are. We don't look at them as just little people who are led to react a certain way. They definitely feed off the people around them, but I just love how you can see so much of their personality without them telling you exactly what they need/think/feel. Our little man & I had a moment that I hope will be a foundation for forevah. I hope, & will strive to teach him, he can always talk my ear off, that his thoughts will always be worth hearing to me.

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