Monday, April 19, 2010

The 4-5 step program

Well....this is actually a 4-5 day program I'm talking about, but it doesn't sound as good as the title...

Our little Jake has a system. Every couple months, he has a 4-5 day spurt where he decides sleep is a luxury, one in which he is uninterested. He also likes to try out the personality trait of "hater". To sum up, he's a nocturnal hellraiser.

OK, my little boy doesn't deserve's not that bad, but it isn't any fun. He's just a little agitated for a few days, and then it goes as quickly as it came. When Gary first came home from the field, he had an "episode" that first weekend. We chalked it up to starting solids and having daddy home. He decided to keep the fun going with another 4-5 day spurt this past week. Completely caught me off guard! A surprise I was not excited to receive. (I just realized I'm having some serious hindsight's not "that bad" because it's in the past. When it's in the moment, it happens to be quite irritating)

The teething post I wrote was, can you guess, right in the middle of the 4-5 days. He's never been that needy before. But, I'm happy to say, I'm sitting next to him right now, watching him dance in his jumperoo, cracking up at his Derek-Zoolander-"I've got the black lung, pop"- cough--which he finds quite hysterical, too!

He's still thisclose to pushing out a couple teeth (we can see the ridges of 2 bottom teeth!!), but the ending of the 4-5 days and Hyland's teething gel is his kryptonite.

((I've also decided I'm against teeth. Jake is losing his combover AND sooo close to sprouting teeth...he's looking too grown up!!))

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