Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Baker turned Baby Food Maker!

Today, I made Jake's baby food!!!! 'Member I had a coupon for the Gerber organic stuff? He's been munching on that while I hashed out the opportunity to get to Nashville to pick up some organic fruits/veggies.I'm pretty much an unstoppable force with this baby food making. I have to credit any good foundation for baby food making to Sarah & Alena, whom I had explain to me how to do it 32 ways from Sunday. But, I did it!

Another post will be about Jake and his introduction to solids (blogger hasn't let me upload the video of his first meal. Turds.), but tonight it's all about ME! ;) hehe...I made green beans and pears. Little J loves pears, so that's a no-brainer, but I can't wait to see him try the green beans. They're soo good. I never really paid attention to the difference between organic and "regular" before, but they're soo much tastier.

Lemme do a money break down for ya, before I show the pics of my masterpieces:I went to Trader Joe's (LOVE.THAT.PLACE) and spent a little over $8, and got about a month's worth of organic veggies/fruits!! I love when it feels good to save...and it was feelin' good to make that baby food!
Green Beans

This teeny amount made about a week's worth!

This looks like death but is soo tasty!

Getting ready for freezing

Final product! Then, all I'm going to do is take one block out each morning, put it in one of J's bowls, with the lids that seal securely, and let it defrost in the 'fridge!


I had so much fun doing this! It's also a great relief to know that I know exactly what I'm feeding him.

She is what got me started in baby food making. At first, it seems like this huge task, with sooo much to think about. Sarah explained it all, and said the line that completely calmed me "it's just for practice". It finally clicked that the baby food is still second-fiddle to my milk, so I don't have to worry about pumping, and how to coordinate breast feedings with solids. Solids work around booby milk!
Sarah.....I <3 you

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