Friday, April 23, 2010

Jake's First Trip to the Rainforest Cafe

First, I'd like to let you know up front that I didn't take as many pics as I would have liked. I had the hunger of a ravenous carnivore, so between double-fisting forkfuls of food and scooping up every crumb around me, while watching our little man be completely awestruck by his new surroundings, we got what pics we could!

We had a great time, though. We hadn't been there since I was all knocked up, so it was pretty great to anticipate J's reactions to the thunder & animal sounds every 30 minutes. He loved it!! But, we knew he would; he's pretty much the best kid ever...there could be some bias there, but the jury's still out. Oh, but the first time we were there, there was a mom holding her, probably, one and a half year old who was FREAKING. OUT. at the animal sounds. Jake's pretty laid back when he's in a new place, but we didn't want to piss off any Karmic Gods by making any assumptions.

Pics are still taking a second to load, so I'll enlighten you as to how completely fabulous my husband is. Yesterday, Gary came home & said "We're going out tomorrow. Don't worry about where, don't worry about how, we're going out tomorrow" I LOVE surprises, so I was tickled at the thought of, well, anything!

So, Jake got up a little earlier than usual, which was no biggie since we didn't stay up as late as we had been. When he first gets up he's a hungry little guy so I don't change his diaper 'til after his first feeding. Today, I fed him & was finishing up his diaper change when my hubby, with adorable bed-head I might add, staggered in saying "Are you excited for your nap?" I said "No, baaaabe. You sleep" Usually, even on weekends, I don't mind that Gary sleeps in, I have the boobs after all. He gets up early for PT every day, so why should he have to get up with me on weekends when there's nothing really for him to do? We talked about that when the subject of breastfeeding came up when I was pregnant, & I knew what was coming.

:::regrouping & getting back on topic::::

As soon as I finish J's diaper change, Gary scooped him up and they "tuck Mama in". After 4 glorious hours of shut-eye, Gary comes in, as I was waking up, saying he thinks Jake is getting hungry. So, as the singing birds gently lifted the comforter off me, I came out to the living room & started feeding Jake when Gary comes 'round the corner with Starbucks. A caramel frapp, a piece of lemon loaf & the best nap known to man were the best ways to start our 3-day weekend!! I'm a lucky girl!

We get to Rainforest Cafe & Jake is having a blast! The fish in the aquariums mesmerized him:
I'm laughing so hard because Gary was trying to take a picture of us in front of the aquarium, & Jake would only look back at the fish, so Gary would take one of us from the angle of the aquarium, & J would look back to the front. This went on like 2 or 3 times!!Jake realized what he was doing to Daddy & found it hilarious!

Finally!Once we got inside, & were seated, Jake was feeling out his new surroundings. Gotta love the side-eye!!"Mama, can you believe this place?!"He LOVED the waterfall!!

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