Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jake's New Digs

At our old house, we (as in, Gary...I was pregnant!) painted our baby's room a shade of green since we never found out the sex of our little tot in-utero and were going for something neutral. It looked so nice, especially with the wood floors:As you can tell, we couldn't spend a paycheck on d├ęcor since we weren't sure what type of equipment baby had. Looking back, I'm still so excited we didn't give into temptation and find out the sex of our mini-muffin! It was more decorated then this after Jake arrived, though!

When we moved into this house, I decided not to paint the room, which goes against the grain of every fiber of my being, because if we have to PCS (permanent change of station) I don't want to worry about painting it back to "Fort Campbell White" (and, yes, there's a paint at Lowe's actually named that!). We were able to paint the old house because they were tearing it down to make new housing, so we didn't have to worry about making it Fort Campbell White! Either way, it pains me to have white walls. Soo boring. I'd have every room in this house painted if I had it my way, but we're making it a KISS operation. I do really wish we could have kept those wood floors, instead of the tile we have now, but, no biggie.

Once we were settled at this house, I ordered a couple things from etsy for Jake's room. The second item came yesterday, so his room is "complete" as of this second. It doesn't look finished because the white walls make it seem like something is missing, but it looks pretty good considering. So, I thought I'd share how adorable his room looks!
The CA license plate was an airport gift from grandpa...I think he wants to remind J how to get to him!

These are my favorite!!! I do feel slightly ashamed because this is something I could have done on my own. I just don't feel like I have the time to sit down and paint...I like to finish an art project all at once, not in spurts. But, I think they look soo great and excite me to no end!!

The monkey/tree decal, not a painting, is from etsy also. I have so much love for this I may explode. Because of the teeny branches, it nearly drove me crazy when putting it up, but I soo love it. I think it's perfect for a young one's room!
The outlet reminds me I need to baby proof!

I did do this one, though!! I did it at the beginning of August last year. I wanted J to have something from me that he'd be able to keep forever. I hope he likes it when he gets older. He certainly loves it now!

We did his little footprint the other night a few minutes before bed :) We tried to do his hand, but he just wanted to squish it!

I think we've done well with what we've got! I love his room, and he seems to get quite the kick out of it, too! And, that's all that matters

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