Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ladies' Night

Well, I guess Ladies' Afternoon would be more appropriate, since it's 2:38 right now.

I'm watching our new FAVORITE show, Friday Night Lights, on Netflix,

(Can I just take a minute & declare our deep, loyal love for this show?? OH.EM.GEE. we cannot get enough! Go watch it. Become a fan. Do it.)

and Tami was giving birth. I tried to look at it from the "outside", meaning what she's doing, what it means, etc. (does that make me sound crazy?!) Instead of thinking, "yep, been there...(sort of--thanks, unplanned c/s)" I was *letting* myself be completely amazed at the capabilities of women. A baby, a new life, comes from us. A woman's body is meant to be all a baby needs for 9 months, & then meant to withstand the unique, & incredible pain of labor.

While watching her birth her daughter, I wondered what it was like for a man. To sit by & watch the changes going through his baby mama (they're married in the show, just trying to include all possibilities!) from conception to delivery. I know it happens every single day, but it's still an amazing thing.

Gary said, throughout the whole pregnancy, he was amazed by all the changes & things going on in me (& the big boobies on the outside of me!). I asked him if it made him look at me differently, & he said "sort of". He was realizing how incredible it is to make a child, & the progress they make inside the womb, but that it also seemed "normal"; that he & I were supposed to be doing that. Aww!!

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