Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ring of Fire

So, ya know how there's the "circle of trust" in the Meet the Parents movies? That's kind of the topic Gary & I were covering.

We talk a lot about what types of different situations we may find ourselves in as parents. Obviously, we can't get into specific situations, but big things, like, what if Jake gets someone pregnant at a less than ideal time? Do we "force" college? What disciplinary route are we going to take?

Can we say we have a "plan" for all those kinds of topics; a loose feeling of how we'd go about things? Or will that beckon all the evils of parenting to come screeching out of dark alleyways? We'll take a walk on the SAFE side & not divulge a damn thing!

Anywho....making decisions as a parent can be difficult sometimes. I wish it could always be which onesie will Jake look cutest in?? (the answer is ALL.OF.THEM....doiy) But, I think the best decisions are made when your aim is to protect your child's best interests, & not your own. (I've come to this conclusion given my extreme expertise in the parenting field...) Seriously, though, we would never, in our lives, do anything that would jeopardize the happiness of our little boy. I mean, Jake's great grandpa asked, when he was out here, "Does Jake ever cry?" And, we LOVE LOVE LOVE that people say "Oh, what a happy baby!!" when we're out. It borderline brings a tear to our eye.

So, when someone stands outside your circle, demanding entrance, when you know no real good can come from it, who the hell cares where they came from, or why they're there? What's important, to us, is to make sure our happiness remains intact. In our humble opinion, the people in your life, whether God-given or hand-picked, should enhance your quality of life.

Take my girl/mother in law/sister, Gabby. We have a big, puffy heart for her. She's Jake's Godmother, and we could not have selected anyone better. She loves Jake like he's her own (step off, he's mine!), & she won't even meet him 'til August!! She's the shit. There's not one thing about her we don't trust. &, the other thing about her: she's hand-picked. She's been there for me during both Gary's deployments. She's listened to the type of crying like in the last episode of Friends where Rachel & Monica are saying bye in the bedroom alone...yah, she understands it.

I swear that Gary & I never stop laughing. Evah. & I think that means we must be doing something right. Unfortunately, you can't make everyone happy. And, I'm really working on my "need" to do that. I have a people-pleasing bone (equate this to Blake Shelton's Hillbilly Bone) that is being shushed by my mama bone (anyone else second the motion to have me stop using the word "bone"?). I'm a total hippie in the realm of wanting everyone to get along, but there's not even the slimmest percent of a chance I'd sacrifice anything about my boys to make someone else happy. I've been told by friends I met during college that they approached me because I "have a friendly face". I love that :), but, seriously, run for the hills & plan for the apocalypse should someone cross enemy lines.

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